Character names for a book?

I need a male character's name to be dating a girl by the name Brailee, his name needs to go with hers but also sound a little nerdy at the same time, not majorly nerdy, just a little.

I also need two girl characters who's names sound good together because they will be mentioned together quite a lot and i'd like it to flow. They need to be not really girly but not tom-boyish either, just need to be in the middle.

I need an older brother character for a boy named Xavier. His older brother's name should be kind of similar but not ridiculously so, and should sound quite "bad-***" but not as much as Xavier ;)

I also need their parent's names for all of them and last names for all so if you could suggest those too i would be very grateful :) Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) - Chancey or Chance

    - Walter

    - Preston

    - Tyler

    - Jeremy

    - Jared

    - Niles

    - Mason

    - Isaac

    - Peter

    - Jaden or Jayden

    - Randall or Randy

    - Todd

    - Rhys

    - Adam

    - Elliot or Ellie

    - Gordon

    - Marshall

    - Derreck

    - Bryce

    - Heath

    - Levi

    - Nick or Nicholas

    - Wayne

    - Ben

    - Spencer

    - Caleb

    - Martin

    - Wyatt

    - Ross

    - Tristan

    2) - Lily and Emma

    - Anna and Eve

    - Kate and Amy

    - Kayla and Bianca

    - Hannah and Dakota

    - Hailey and Eliza

    - Skye and Olivia

    - Jackie and Rose

    - Abbey and Sienna

    - Kaitlyn and Scarlett

    - Amelia and Taylor

    3) - Nero (no association to the evil Roman emperor)

    - Lennox

    - Drake

    - Garret

    - Brock

    - Chase

    - Hunter

    - Hudson

    - Asher

    - Jonas

    - Zane or Zayn (no association to the famous boy band member)

    - Colt

    - Ryder

    - Shane

    - Ace

    - Gunner

    - Jason

    - Brendan

    - Ryan

    - Nash

    - Chris

    - Brett

    - Alec

    - Luke

    4) - George and Victoria Gehlert

    - Gwen and Joseph Spiller

    - Kevin and Goldie Martin

    - Russell and Whitney Brown

    - Anthony and Carla Harris

    - James and Sarah Beckman

    - Kurt and Melisa Dawson

    - Robert and Reena Meadows

    - Robert and Sharon Grey

    - Chet and Ruby Rodriguez

    - John and Elizabeth Block

    - Michael and Tara Hayes

    - Don and Debbie Diamond (

    - Bert and Rachel Fisher

    Source(s): thinking for names took me almost an hour. i hope it helps
  • 8 years ago

    For the dude dating Brailee, his name should be like Brian, Mark, Gage, Carson.

    For the two girls, Autumn and Summer (cliche Ik), Amber and Lizabeth, Chloette and Jade, Lily and Paige, Crystal and Deseray. Or you could pair any of them up.

    For the bad-to-the-bone bro I'd go with Connor, Blake, Alexander (and you betta use his full name).

    Parents names, Moms: Lissa, Anne, Lucy, Grace, Ginger, Jocelyn. Father: James, Mike, Chad, Lee, Craig.

    Last names: Riley, Briar, Woodland, Lincoln, Blank, LeBlanc.

    Source(s): Fellow writer
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