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Hi! I'm a Freshman, but I've already seriously considered my college path. I want to major in Pre-Med, and (hopefully!) attend Vanderbilt University. I know Vandy is a very hard school to get into, so I've already began considered my extra curricular activities. Thing is, is that my school doesn't have any science related activities, so I was thinking about FFA. Would I benefit from it in any way? Or would I just be wasting my time since I want to be a doctor?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I am a student in FFA and I am my chapters Secretary and my districts secretary.It is SOOO rewarding. Last year I had raised a market pig, ( It's taught me time management, budgeting, health, responsibility, life skills, work ethics, and so much more) I also competed in Diary cattle judging. It great! Right now I am in the process of competing in Beef Public Prepared speaking. I write a speech about an issues in the beef industry and recite the speech and get judged. In almost all of the competitions you learn valuable life skills, and win money. I highly highly recommend you and anyone else in joining it! If you need more info I'm sure there is some way there could contact me or anyone else in an FFA chapter.

    Source(s): I am in an FFA chapter in Arizona.
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  • 7 years ago

    I was never in FFA, but I always admired the kids who were. They always showed a lot of poise and proficiency. They learned a lot of science and had to display it in competitions. They also really had to learn Parliamentary Procedure - a skill which I have always felt I lacked - because that is one organization that really uses it.

    One of the girls I was friends with judged beef - not on the hoof - when it had already been butchered! You have to learn a lot about body parts and muscles to do that!

    I was shocked when I saw another girl with a bowl of seeds and when I asked her what it was about she said she had to find the two seeds that didn't belong and identify them! She did it while I watched! And she had done it several times with other kinds of seeds.

    These may not seem to be highly related to your goal of medicine, but FFA required much more discipline than any other organization in our small Idaho school. It required attention to detail - even such minor details as whether a kernel of grain was wheat or oats. It also required learning to respect people, animals, the land, and the progress of science as it helps improve our crops and our livestock.

    I strongly encourage you to join FFA. Even just a year or two would make a big difference in how you communicate and how you see yourself and your abilities.

    Source(s): My friend Barbara Wamstad Skogsberg, my friend Shea Nesbitt Saracelos, observing Ag teachers Faulks and Nesbitt, and watching the FFA members in my school and others through the years.
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