How can I stop police harassment?

I live in a small town in nw Indiana. All I want to do is finish high school goto college work and live with the girl I've been with since 7th grade I'm in 11th now. That might sound like alot but I can do it. Griffith police is harassing me and its ruining my life. I have no bad intentions I've been arrested for resisting arrest and possession of marijuana In the past but I quit all of that its not worth it. These cops are always following me. If I'm crossing the street there stopped on they would turn the other way and stop me. If I'm sitting in a public park or place they would drive all around me and eventually come up to me and ask what am I doing and usually check me And they never find nothing. Just yesterday I was walking thought a alley to get to a friends house and of course they were following me. A neighbor asked where me and a friend were going and we pointed out the house. Next thing you no police walk through the front door of my friends house and For no reason. While being questioned I was told that they no I'm selling weed and its bullcrap. I need to no how to get these cops off my back before they arrest me for some bullcrap. I can move but I don't want to leave my girl what can I do.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I would only answer as I've done with my own step-son in the past.

    When you get caught doing things illegally, it takes a LONG time to get past peoples memories. It's good that you've decided to change for the better but your past is always there as having been a "former" problem.

    Being in a smaller community, the police pretty much know where the problems have occurred in the past. This is one reason they stay on you! It's sometimes called "proactive patrolling."

    I can only suggest you continue to do what is right and give the police NOTHING to look for in the future!

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  • 8 years ago

    You have 2 options available to you

    Contact Chief Ron Kottka (you can do it by email) or contact somebody in the city council or have an attorney contact them and ask why they are following you

    However just because you see a police vehicle in the same General location you are does not mean they are following you

    Since nobody here really knows the entire story and only have yours to go on and it is really true what you are saying (Not calling you a liar-just saying all we have is your side to make a decision on) then they should explain to you what the issue with you is

    You will get better results that way than asking here

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