Any KPOP 2012 auditions in LA?

Are there any Korean Entertainment companies holding auditions in LA? I went to YG, I think SM auditions already passed, but I think Pledis haven't held theirs yet... Any company is fine. ^^~~~<3 thank you!

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    There will be an upcoming audition for Pledis Entertainment in two different locations in the US, one will be in Los Angeles (LA) and the other will be in San Francisco (SF). They're audition date will be on October 14th, 2012 on a Sunday. The audition online application's for there audition will be closed on October 9th, 2012 so you better hurry! Here's some links for there information.

    You can also audition for SM Entertainment every Saturday

    Date & Time: Every Saturday at 3pm-7pm

    Location: 4322 Wilshire Blvd Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90010

    For more information go on there website :

    Other than Pledis the other companies probably aren't going to have an audition anytime soon. The main companies that usually have auditions in LA are the following :

    SM Entertainment (Weekly, Global)

    YG Entertainment (Global)

    JYP Entertainment (Global)

    Pledis Entertainment (Global)

    Extra Info :

    Here are some extra information for auditioning. There are many rumors about what a company looks for. Most Korean Music Companies allow all races to audition but if your not Asian your chances aren't very high. Why do they look for mainly Asians? Well that's a very easy question. They are an Asian-Music Industry so it basically answers your questions and you wouldn't want a K-Pop group full of Black people or Mexican's would you?

    SM Entertainment : There have been rumors for SM Entertainment where they only care for looks and well it's kinda true. If you look at there artist they are better looking than most other artist. You can also look at "Girls Generation" Yoona's audition clip, she couldn't really dance & sing but why did she get accepted? Well she has the looks. They allow all races to audition but they mainly look for Asians, preferably Koreans. They mainly look for races like Chinese (Ex. f(x) Victoria), Japanese, and Koreans. 80% Looks 20% Talent

    JYP Entertainment : This company cares about both looks and talent. If you look at 2PM they all look good especially (Nickhun). They mainly look for Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Thailandese.

    50% Looks 50% Talent

    YG Entertainment : Compared to the other 2 companies above they don't give a **** about looks, its a talent-based Asian Company. They mainly look for Asians. 0% Looks, 100% Talent.

    Pledis Entertainment : This company is very similar to JYP and SM, why you may ask? Well if you look at 'After School's' UEE, she has no face expressions when she sings but she has the looks that makes up for it. Also if you look at there artist most of them can dance very well so they would probably expect some dancing skills from you but if you don't know how to dance it doesn't really matter they can teach you. This company is very straight forward with races you have to be "Asian-American" if you want to audition for the US one at least. 65% Looks 35% Talent.

    Source(s): Websites, Rumors, etc
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    Check out Pledis' at their website, for their upcoming audition in LA.

    SM Entertainment does Weekly Auditions at their LA location. Check out their website, for more information.

    SM and JYP also host year-round online auditions. If you speak Korean, YG, Cube, And Pledis all hold online auditions too.

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    a million.) Looks are extra fundamental than skillability, they feel they are able to train you skillability. two.)They will coach you. three.) "Fresh face" anyone who's well watching. ... a brand new seem (lovely younger watching face) four.) They opt for Koreans... but when your well and will speak in korean them probably. five.) i dont realy recognize in case your lovely then you have got a eighty% danger of having in 20% skillability (unhappy however real) 6.) it you believe approximately it the sm idols are beautiful so anything they're doing they're doing it effectively.(its well given that its rough to inform if they'd PS)

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    Check out:

    Hope that helped ^^

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