Finding a Painting Help?

For my Art, we were given this book about Australian painters and we had to copy the drawing into out book. I chose 'The Fight' by John Brack but on the internet there is no such painting.....?

I remember it was a cartoon- like painting of two boys fighting and one was holding the others throat (i think) and the major color on the painting was red.

Maybe i got the title or painter wrong but can someone please help me find the painting and give me a link? i need to finish my homework

Thx <3


Okay Extra Details: There was only two boys fighting. Age was about 10 years? the description was they were fighting in the schoolyard. There were buildings in the background...i think, i'm not sure but there were ONLY two boys... thats all i can remember

Update 2:

the colours were like this too, (this painting is by the John Brack too) but this is obviously not the painting, just similar colors

Update 3:

and no, it wasn't the painting by L.S Lowry :( thanks anyway

Update 4:

and now i'm thinking it wasn't John brack who painted it.....

if you can;t find it, nevermind, i;ll just do something else

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  • 8 years ago
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  • 8 years ago

    Can you remember anything else about the painting? Were there any other people in the painting or was it only the two boys fighting? Anything else you can remember will be a great help in helping you find it, thanks.

    I found a painting called the fight, it was by an artish L.S. Lowry, it's a painting of two men fighting on the street, with bystanders watching. You could try looking to see if its the painting you were thinking of, if not I'll keep looking.

    Yeah, sorry I can't seem to find it :(

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