Buying a home, but I have USAA as my bank?

I am buying a home. Using my VA. USAA is my bank, but I am not getting the loan through them. I have checking, brokerage and Roth account. A problem I just ran into is that the underwriter may not like the paperwork I submitted since the two investment accounts do not have "running balances". And I will not get a quarterly statement for a few weeks. I submitted the last quarters statement, the last 30 days of account activity and the current balances. I was hoping someone how banks with USAA, who bought a house, could tell me what they did.

I may very well be fine, but my loan officer just told me this might be a problem. Thanks!


Again, the underwriter may be happy with what I am submitting...I am hoping someone here with experience can confirm this.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Running balances? That is the confusing part.

    You submitted your last quarterly statement - it should have the balance at that time.

    That's all they need.

    Sounds like the person that took your paperwork never saw brokerage or ROTH accounts before - goodness gracious.

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