Can someone tell me what kind of snake this is?

My son picked up an old dog bed by our steps and found a snake. It is a baby snake about 10 inches long. It's body is brown and has a black line going down it's back and turning into black spotted like bands angling like this (\) looking from the head down and then back solid again then it stops and looks like 2 dots on each side of the top of it's back and then solid again. They seem to fade turning more of a solid brown about the last 2-4 inches from the tail. The belly is white. It acted aggressive trying to strike. I found a picture that looks similar called hypomelanistic Florida water snake. The only difference is this one looks a little smaller and has more detail on the back. Any idea what kind this may be? I live in Northwest Alabama. Fayette County to be exact.


Correction: It has the black band running down it's back after a closer look. From the neck to the tail. It just gets smaller as it goes down and has a triangle shape like head. Top of it's head is kinda smooth scaled.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Look at its eyes. If they are round circles, it isn't venomous. If they are slanted, it is. I'm not sure what kind of snake it is, but really, all you need to know is if its venomous or not. Even if it isn't venomous, its acting aggressive because it knows its small enough to be eaten and it thinks you are a predator.

    Source(s): I currently have 4 snakes, one being a Ball Python, Grey Banded King Snake, Dumeril's Boa and Honduran Milk Snake. I've had in the past another Ball Python, 2 Red Tailed Boas, 1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa, 1 Jungle Carpet Python, 2 Kenyan Sand Boas, 1 Corn Snake, an emperor scorpion and a leopard gecko.
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  • 3 years ago

    You did no longer say the place you're, yet once you're contained in america: -It became into no longer a green snake, they're tiny -there is not any such element as a "Tree snake" -there is not any such element as a "uncomplicated backyard Snake" -there is not any such element as a "gardner snake" -It wasn't a Garter snake the two -there is not any such element as a "green Tree snake" -It became into no longer a coarse green snake, they're tiny -It became into no longer an Emerald Tree Boa, or green Tree python, they're tropical -it is not any longer a green tree viper -there is not any such element as a green racer in case you reside interior the jap OR SOUTHEASTERN U.S., you in all hazard observed a Rat snake, Elaphe obsoleta. They climb timber. they have white chins and bellies. They advance as much as 7 feet, and there's a variation widespread by using fact the Greenish rat snake. maximum specimens are black yellow & gray. In some areas of Arizona, there's a green rat snake, this is quite uncommon.

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  • johnny
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    7 years ago

    Baby rat snake.

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  • 7 years ago

    copperhead. venomous

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