I need a protection spell?

I need a spell to aid my friend in Iraq when he leaves.

I don't know many spells because my energy is very weak because I left my hometown that was filled with it.

I don't know what to say, but I want him to be safe.

Any Wicca spells or chants would kindly help.


@ the pilgrim. Um. I don't know . I've prayed although I belive in every religion combined.

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    First of all, we're no longer deploying to Iraq, certainly not publicly anyway (if we are at all, that's classified information that you as a civilian should not have or be spreading). So, maybe you mean another country like Kuwait (which is safe by the way...They're an ally) or Afghanistan...Or maybe I misunderstood and he's not deploying and is just going over there for some other reason...

    Second, leaving your hometown should have no effect on your ability to cast spells (and most certainly it shouldn't effect how much you do or do not know about spells), so I doubt you really know what you're doing within witchcraft regardless of where you are. Magic is about intent, not procedure or location. Because of a certain place's meaning to you, you may feel more intune with the natural energies within and around you when you're there, but it certainly doesn't mean you can't cast (or mysteriously forget how to cast) when you're somewhere else.

    Third, this has nothing to do with Wicca because Wicca isn't about spells or magic. Wicca is a religion about building a relationship with the gods. You may have meant witchcraft, which is a separate magical practice that many, but not nearly all, Wiccans choose to incorporate with their religion. There are witches who are not Wiccans and Wiccans who are not witches. They do not go hand-in-hand.

    Fourth, magic means more and has more power if the person who needs it (or has a strong desire for the intended outcome) is the person who designs the spell and puts the energy into it. In other words, if you want to use witchcraft to protect your friend, study witchcraft, learn how to write your own spell, and cast it yourself.

    If you choose to go this route, I can give you advice based on what I did for my boyfriend who is scheduled to deploy in January to Afghanistan. I made him a protection pouch that I filled with herbs of love and protection and I blessed it with my love and my desire for him to come home safe to me, and I sent mental petitions to certain gods that I honor to aid my spell. After casting the spell and sealing the pouch, I gave it to him, and have told him that I really want him to keep it on his person while he's overseas. Other than that, I pray for him that he'll be safe like any person of faith would do. If you have no desire to study witchcraft to the point where you can write your own spells, your best bet in aiding your friend is to pray for him that he'll be safe.

    Venus and Hermes Bless

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    Wiccan Spells For Protection

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    "I don't know what to say, but I want him to be safe."

    Um, how about the latter part of that...May my friend _____ be safe from harm while he serves in Iraq. ???

    The energy for casting an effective spell comes from within the witch. Your words are just focus aids to direct your energy and intentions into your spell. Say what you feel, speak from the heart. You don't need a catchy little rhyme to cast a spell. You need your own focused intentions.

    It would make sense to say your energy is weak because you have the flu or something like that, but because you moved to a different town? You may miss your hometown, but that's not where all your energy and abilities come from - look within.

    Wicca is not witchcraft. Wiccans can practice witchcraft, but don't *have to*. People can practice witchcraft without also following the religion of Wicca.

    If you are Wiccan, then I would suggest praying to your gods to guide your friend through his time in Iraq safely.

    On another note, did your friend ask you for or authorize you to cast a protection spell on him? If not, then I'd settle for praying and leave it at that. I personally find it in poor taste to cast spells on other people without their consent, even the best intentioned ones. (And I certainly don't advise someone who doesn't really know what they're doing to take matters into their own hands.) It is not our place to determine what is best for the lives of our friends - ultimately that is their choice.

    If you really want to help your friend, ask him for an address where you can write to him while he's in Iraq. Letters from home are very helpful to our hard-working troops, who can get lonely and feeling down being so far away from home in rough situations. They say letters are like hugs from home, that hearing their name at mail call alone boosts their morale, and that the letters give them something to carry around with them and read when they need a reminder of home or just a smile to brighten up a bad day.

    No spell can trump your friendship and moral support.

    Source(s): Proud of my soldier serving in Afghanistan :)
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    Wiccan spells are actually prayers to the wiccan gods. If you don't worship the wiccan gods, they're not going to do you any good at all. If a wiccan does witchcraft, it's not 'wiccan witchcraft' - wicca isn't a type of witchcraft.

    And general witchcraft generally doesn't work unless you know what you're doing - by which point in time you can write your own spell, or at least know a place better than yahoo answers to ask for it.

    Good luck to your friend though.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    I need a protection spell?

    I need a spell to aid my friend in Iraq when he leaves.

    I don't know many spells because my energy is very weak because I left my hometown that was filled with it.

    I don't know what to say, but I want him to be safe.

    Any Wicca spells or chants would kindly help.

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    Wicca isn't about spells. There's no Wiccan spells... if a Wiccan practices Witchcraft they use the same spells as anyone else.

    I'm not really sure what you're looking for but it just sounds like you're misinformed about Wicca.

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    You could gift your friend a (charged) protective talisman. ( as it will be with them )

    Presumably, one of your choice. or vice versa. as long as its charged with protective energies.

    You could also makeshift a vodoun doll or poppet. and surround / stuff / cleanse with protective properties. whether it be herbs, oils, incenses or crystals or all.

    The simplest thing you can do is charge / anoint a candle with protective energies / properties via positive prayer.

    There are other things you can do. but these seem to more effective and not too complicated. imo.

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    No spells will help you. Take a second and ask God for help. It wont hurt.

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    Google "Kevlar Vest", buy it and send it to your friend.

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