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Our Purina Kitten food has maggots! Did this hurt the kittens and what do I do?


Two days ago, I bought a bag of Purina Kitten chow for our three kittens. We bought it from Petco.

I have pretty bad eye sight and usually feed my animals without my glasses on.

Today, I had them on for the third feeding of the day. When I looked close I saw LOADS of LIVE maggots, and lots of dead adult bugs in the bottom of the food! they all blend in with the colours, but it's hard to miss the tiny ones MOVING with my glasses!

There is NO way this from my home. There are too many adults dead in there and I have no pest issues. My dog's food and the adult cat food is perfectly fine.

First of all, are the kittens going to be okay? I already fed them from this bag three times and I feel awful.

Next, is Purina responsible for any health issues that it could cause the kittens? I am beyond furious with them and if they caused harm to these little ones I want them to answer the call for it.

Any help is very much appreciated!

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    Your cat should be fine, cats eat all types of icky things. But i def would call them and demand your money back. Also, consider switching to a quality food, like Blue Buffalo, it is more expensive, but your cats will eat less because it is more nutritious, and also less poop because they are eating less. In the long run, it doesn't cost that much more and they will be healthier, and it is a more reputable brand so you wont find maggots in it. I feed it to my cats, and i have a very healthy 18 yr old and no one can believe hes 18. I very highly recommend.

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    You have every right to be furious! Take it back to the store you purchased it, write a

    letter the store manager, and also a letter the the food maker, it should be on the bag 'if you have any questions or comments please write to blah blah blah' take photos aswell as proof! send it in, stating that you will be holding them responsible if your kittens health is affected! The least you should get is an apology and vouchers ( I know this won't make thing better, but still!) they are a well known brand and wont want to risk loosing customers!

    As far as your kittens health goes, I don't think it will make them seriously Ill, like humans, if we eat something bad we usually know within 12 or so hours! They may not have even eaten any maggots, I'm pretty sure they would have been sick, but you never know....Just keep and eye on the litter tray, If anything looks untoward take them to the vet. (keep copy of any vet bills you incur)

    Cat and dogs eat things that they shouldn't all the time, they should be fine x

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    First, I would contact the store I bought the product from. It is possible that the food was stored improperly at the warehouse or the store after it left Purina,and so the grain bugs were able to enter the bag through making tiny holes and set up housekeeping. If there were live maggots, they hatched out within 24 hours of being laid. You would have to be an entomologist to identify the species of bug and tell the timing of the life cycle. I would think that the store would refund you the cost of the food if you can produce a receipt that indicated you purchased the food two days ago, since its impossible for a bug to reach adulthood within 2 days.

    I would not contact Purina, because in 30 years of seeing grain mites and other infestations in dry foods I have never known Purina to be one of the offending companies. Its usually the distributing store.

    That said, its important to check out the milling date on the product before you buy it, and to open it at once when you get home and inspect it. The food must be used within 30 days of its milling date (NOT the purchase date) to meet standards for freshness. It is impossible to guarantee that no foods will ever have insects in them (the FDA and USDA standards for even human food allow for a certain percentage of insects and parts in every package of human food) so you must do your part and examine the food before feeding it.

    These insects are grain eating ones and will cause your pets no harm. If anything, they will add a little protein. No harm done there. But they do indicate that the food is not the freshest.

    I would also recommend that you place any bagged animal foods in sealed trash cans or other sealed containers. It is very easy for insects to get into them at your home, and you are not going to see those insects at work because they only come out at night. Ewww.

    Source(s): DVM trained in nutrition
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    To start off, that is just horrible and I am very sorry to hear it! But no worries, cats eat insects a LOT in the wild. I am sure that they will be more than fine. You can eat maggots too and not get sick. They are a quite wonderful source of protein (not saying you should) but its nothing to stress over at all. I would call their number on the bag and inform them. They will likely replace the food free of charge and if you make a real stink I am sure they will give you extra.

    But honestly, don't worry about their health, if anything it was good for them. They start learning how to hunt with bugs.

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    I have seen that happen before. It's best to get the small pouches or foil trays and not leave the remainder out for too long. This happens in the summer. Hope this is of use to you and baby kitten, x

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    My advise is to call your vet and ask him, I do not for see a serious problem with kittens getting sick.

    But I would call Purina and return unused portion to store QUICKLY.

    Save some of the food in zip lock bag and take pictures of it.

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