Why hasn't Obama been charged with treason yet?

All the shlt he's done, to the American people and their allies. In any other country (with the exception of a few), he would be charged with treason, and locked up, for turning against his allies, and taking the side of American enemies, who are now attacking our embassies! Mubarak would've NEVER allowed an attack on our embassies in his country. He was a friend of the U.S. Bush would've never allowed him to be overthrown, and let an Anti-woman, anti-Christian, and anti-American government take over. Obama betrayed his allies and his own people, by turing half the world against us, and giving money to people who are now killing our citizens and attacking our embassies, and who get away with killing women and Christians! Mubarak would've NEVER allowed women, Christians or Americans to be killed or harmed in his country! Obama knew very well who he was helping! He allowed American citizens and diplomats to be killed in other countries. He should be charged with treason!


@Munnamuk, okay, but who was he murdering, the people who wanted freedom and equality, or the people who wanted to oppress women and Christians.

Same thing with Assad. He gave everyone freedom. He banned the wearing of hijabs in shcools, and the Muslim bortherhood didn't like that, so they want to overthrow him and impose Sharia Law.

I agree though, that the U.S. meddles too much in other countries' affairs. They need to mind their own business and let other countries do what they want and solve their own problems. Syria even said that they don't want interference from the Americans, the Russians, or any other country. But America likes to be the boss of the world!

Update 2:

@?, what war crimes has Bush commited? he had terrorists tortured at Guanatanamo Bay, so what? GOOD! Do you have any idea how many Americans THEY tortured? Why doesn't anyone talk about that? How come they're not war criminals? Bush wasn't just gonna stand around and let our citizens be tortured and killed, unlike Obama. Bush faught fire with fire! He didn't take any shlt from the terrorist! Every terrorists and Muslim extremist was scared to death of Bush, but they're not of Obama, because he is too soft on them and has been licking their butts.

And Bush freed Iraq from a malicious dictator who killed his own people. The Kurds and Iraqi Christians love him! I had a friend who was an Iraqi Christian, and she was telling me her family had to leave the country when she was 5, because Saddam Hussain had made Christianity illegal and they were being hunted! Bush put an end to that! And remember, Saddam Hussain was our allie too, until Bush Sr. came into office. Democrat

Update 3:

That's good, I hate the Shiite! They're the ones who practice Sharia Law!, which Assad banned under his regime. I don't get it though. That means the Free Syrian Army are exactly the same as Assad, 'cuz they kidnapped those Shiites from Iran, which makes them Sunni, so why would they wanna overthrow someone from their own sect who has the same ideologies as them! This makes absolutely no sense to me! Anyways, that's what I'm saying! He only oppressed the bad Muslims. They were just pissed because Assad wouldn't allow them to practice Sharia Law, 'cuz he wanted freedom in his country, and they didn't. I still don't get why Sunnis would fight against a president from their own sect, or why Shiites would kidnap other Shiites. Who's side are they on? Is the FSA Sunni or Shiite?

Update 4:

@Fried Kitten, we're not talking about what Bush did here, we're talking about what Obama did.

Update 5:

Plus, that was an isolated incident. Yes, it was wrong, but it only endangered the life on ONE American woman, not the ENTIRE nation! THAT'S the difference!!!!! I agree though. That was a really crude way to get revenge, he endangered that woman's life, and Bush shouldn't have granted him a pardon, that was wrong on his end too, but he was loyal to his allies, the American people, and did nothing like what Obama did! Bush didn't turn half the wotld against our country! More countries liked America under Bush's rule, then they do under Obama's. Bush didn't take shlt from the terrorists, they were scared of him, and would never pull off an attack like this under his rule, and if anyone did, we had Egypt and Israel backing us, now we have NO ONE! We're on our Obama! Obama allowed American citizens and diplomats to be killed abroad, Bush didn't! Bush protected the American people, Obama put them all in danger! Is that a good enough response for you? What

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    Insufficient evidence. Case dismissed.

  • 7 years ago

    Its just the same old foreign policy. Libs should be mad that he lied to them about everything but I see most of them making excuses and still blaming Bush for everything. Libs are complete idiots if Obama doesn't lose Jimmy Carter style. They even gave Obama the peace prize while he was sending 40 thousand more troops to Afghanistan, I guess war is peace when its a liberal running the wars.

  • 7 years ago



    Ha ha – thanks for the laugh.

    You say Bush would have never allowed Mubareck to be overthrown.

    I suppose that Bush would have stopped the entire Arab Spring, right?


    If anybody should be convicted of treason it is GW Bush.

    His cabinet member Scooter Libby revealed to the public the identity

    of an active American spy overseas.

    Her name was Valerie Plame. Libby did so as revenge upon her civilian

    husband who was publicly criticizing Bush. Her life was put into danger

    and she had to be removed from her post.

    Libby was convicted by the US Supreme Court and sentenced to 2.5

    years in federal prison. Then that pr\ck Bush just ordered his release

    without serving any time.

    Now you tell me you hypocrite – who should be charged with treason?

    Yeah I know, you’ll keep your big mouth shut right about now.

    -- EDIT (2) --


    To wrap up this article, Libby’s actions also harmed all of those affiliated with

    Plame’s operation including many more patriotic Americans.

    You can’t say that Libby’s action was one of loyalty to allies because his allies

    should be the American public.

    At least you have enough decency to acknowledge that Libby’s action was bad

    while a more accurate term would be despicable or lamentable, especially for a

    cabinet member. Bush is a terrible man for freeing him – there is no other way

    to put this.


    You can’t be serious when you say that more countries liked America under

    Bush' rule then they do under Obama's.

    You are in denial. While the world supported our invasion of Afghanistan the

    world hated us for going into Iraq. If you don’t acknowledge that you are in denial.

    Furthermore, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Obama for his success in getting

    other nations to view us favorably again and for strengthening our alliance.


    You state that [terrorists] would never pull off an attack like this under his [Bush’] rule.

    Well when do you think 9/11 occurred?

    Are you going to keep lying to yourself for the rest of your life?

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  • 7 years ago

    Because you have no evidence of treason, no matter how many lies you spout.

    It always saddens me when I see someone whom I assume thinks America is exceptional for her freedom say that we should not have allowed the people of Egypt to overthrow a murderous dictator we had been supporting for 30 years. I assume you feel people should only be allowed a choice of government if they choose the one we want.

    Edit: No, he imprisoned political opponents. Although he began life as a good guy, he deteriorated over the years. http://www.rediff.com/news/slide-show/slide-show-1...

    In Syria, the Alawite sect, which is what Assad belongs to, has been oppressing the Shiite sect (85% of the population) for years. It had nothing to do with protecting the country from Islamism. They just wanted their sect to prevail. http://news.yahoo.com/breakaway-alawite-state-may-...

  • 7 years ago

    The same reason why Bush hasn't been charged with treason and crimes against humanity: the elite rarely are prosecuted.

  • 6 years ago

    As soon as Barack Obama bowed to a Muslim king, he should have been arrested, and hung.

  • 7 years ago

    That is like saying, would Jesse James gang charge him with robbing the banks.

  • HD
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    7 years ago

    simple, the media supports obama 110% and the senate is controlled by democrat's. obama is a disgrace, he's been a total fraud. if obama is re-elected we can kiss this great country good-bye.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If we charged the affirmative action president with any wrongdoing, it would be labeled as racism.

    obama stands by his muslim brothers.

    Source(s): obama's book "Dreams from my Father".
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