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DNA Molecules question? Biology AS Level?

The question is:

DNA molecules are double-stranded. Suggest one way in which this allows DNA to store information effectively.

Is it something to do with it being secure ? Please help! x

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    Yea, you have the right idea. It is zipped together which allows the important part (the bases) to be protected from things in the cell. Also, because DNA is an information carrier, it's important that information is not lost or changed. Loss of information or change will be the result of a mutation. But luckily for the cell - it has a backup. Since the DNA is double stranded - we know the second strand by knowing the sequence on the first, and vice versa. So even if a mutation occurs on one strand, doesn't necissarily mean that the other strand has been effected. The mutated strand, when replicated, will produce mutated dsDNA (double stranded DNA) but the un-mutated strand will give rise to wild-type dsDNA. This idea that, even if a mutation occurs it doesn't mean that information is lost, is important and possible because both strands have a sequence dependent on the strand they were synthesised from.

    Source(s): Final year genetics
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  • 3 years ago

    there's a subtle difference between an 'inherited' ailment and a 'genetic' one. i think of inherited potential that this is surpassed on from the mothers and fathers. this might recommend something from defects interior the particularly chromosomes, to the DNA shape, or a gene mutation that has been retained. on the different hand, once you're saying genetic, this is greater probable that there have been errors interior the DNA code or its transcription and translation that's not inevitably inherited. Such errors can ensue at any point, ranging from the formation of the gametes which will provide the guy.

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