Hi fellow seniors, have you ever been skinny dipping?

No...? Me neither for a start it's too cold and murky here on the east coast of England.

Apparently it's quite the in thing up North where they're known to be hardy types who like to defy the extreme weather and tend to undertake this kind of thing annually.


They're braver souls than me, how about you?

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  • gale
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    7 years ago
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    Yes, Lily I have done this twice.

    Two couples and James and I went to a lake cabin for a weekend stay. The men went there to fish more than anything. We ladies went there fto relax, swim. water ski and basically have a fun filled weekend.

    The first night we were there the men gathered their fishing gear, got into the boat and left for overnight fishing. We were sitting around talking and fighting off mosquitoes. Someone commented about how hot the evening had remained and that we should have gone swimming before dark. We all decided what the heck, since it was dark we could skinny dip as none of us had experienced this. So, we did just that and you would have thought we were a bunch of silly children out there giggling, not a stitch on with a full moon above! lol Young and stupid!

    The second time was a camping trip with just my husband. We were the only ones camping in a cove and the weather was beginning to turn cold. The water had not had time to get cold from the hot Texas summer and we decided to skinny dip in the moonlight. This time, it was not a full moon!

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  • 7 years ago

    No,not deliberately & as you say too cold even here in Devon.

    When I was in my 20's & a slender thing I did have the top half of my bikini washed off me & away by a strong wave off a beach in Devon.My embarrassment was pretty strong too,it was a long walk back to the friends I was there with.

    There are some hardy souls hereabouts who go swimming whatever the weather every day & some very large groups who swim on Boxing Day from various south Devon beaches but I don't think they go without cossies at all.

    We move to Wales in just under 2 weeks so will see how hardy they are there on the Gower beaches which will be close to us.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Yes. Just about an hour ago. I don't wear any fabric in my pool. Fills the filter with lint. I do have a robe near the pool if I have visitors. I'd have to ask them to hand it too me. Not much help it they are offended by nudity, is it? Used to swim in the lakes near my parents home, without swim suits. Then some kids started drinking and diving off the hillside. One was injured severely. Pretty much put a stop to our skinny-dipping. Cops were onmi-present after that.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes I have Lily.

    In Portugal - where a secluded beach is frequented by a FEW nudists.

    'Up for anything' (as they say) I gave it a try - with a friend and his girl-friend.

    And still smile recollecting it.

    Cold wasn't a problem - with temperatures around the 33 degree mark, the sea looking most inviting, it was imposssible to resist the temptation - to strip off and race across the hot sand - taking the plunge.

    Which is when we realised it wasn't the cleverest, bravest or funniest thing to do.

    The faster runner and better swimmer, I was first to wade waist high and submerge - to find myself swimming into a tangle of seaweed - in which lurked more than a few jelly fish.

    Jeezy creezy - we raced back faster than we'd approached - feeling even sillier than we probably looked to a few sun-worshpping locals - who no doubt smirked "Crazee Engleesh peeps".

    ; ))

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Have not done this for years, Lily.

    First tried it in Upper Teesdale during my youth.

    Several of us, as teenagers were camping near

    High Force a large waterfall and 'dipped' in the

    lower reaches of the Tees, but it was Summer.

    Some hardy souls that I know go for a dip in the

    River Wharfe in Otley on New Years Day, but I

    am told that they wear some sort of swimsuit

    as it is often on YTV news as a filler in such a

    non news period.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Mad dogs and Yorkshire men go out in the


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  • sunny
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Yes, many times. I lived in Florida for years where we had a swimming pool in the back yard and the yard was completely private. I also grew up near the beach where skinny dipping in the ocean was always fun. I would skinny dip today if I had a private pool or everyone else was doing it.

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  • Lily!

    I'm ashamed of you! Asking such a roodie question.

    Actually I have, many times in my younger days. When serving in the Army, I have gone swimming off many an isolated tropical beach in that nude.

    Mind you, the South China Sea is infested with horrible animalcules armed with nasty stingers and nippers and tooths and scratchy bits that are exceeding harmful to any unrestrained appendages they may find flapping about.

    I have been bitten, stung, nipped, grabbed and generally savaged many times.

    England is not the place to do it either.

    Even at the height of summer, more than 45 seconds in a British sea brings on hypothermia. Also, my body is no longer lithe, athletic, sun-bronzed and sexy.

    It is sort of, well, podgy and maggoty and white and hairless and dangly, and the sight of me now, in my harvest-festivals is the stuff of which nightmares are made.

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  • 7 years ago

    In the 1980's I was doing research on 'Urban Communes' and was invited to a community in San Francisco, to study their format. Over the first weekend, they told me they were going to spend a weekend at Harbin Hot Springs and had booked a place for me too because, they said, it would be a good place to rest and get over jet-lag. What they omitted to tell me was that Harbin is a Nudist Hot Springs Resort......

    So we drive up there from S.F. and I'm in my room, unpacking. The curtains on the window are open and three young ladies walk by and they are stark naked. I shook my head and said 'Nah..! You're either hallucinating or imagining things. Then a whole group went by and sure enough, every one of 'em was nude.

    I opened the cabin door and looked out and realized that nudity was the 'undress-code. O.K. What to do..? Well, when in Rome, do like they do in Harbin. So I got undressed and sauntered outside. Nobody jeered, nobody hooted, everyone went about their business. I got down to the pool and my hosts were all laughing, since I had made it and cottoned on quickly and joined in the relaxation.

    The interesting thing was, you get used to it very quickly and if you walk about in the buff for a complete weekend, you revert to going about your business without your brain screaming at you, 'My God..! THEY ARE ALL NUDE...!'

    It was almost with a tinge of regret that I got dressed to go back to S.F. Quite enjoyable.

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