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ok so im trying to help my girlfriend out could someone please please help me.?

ok im a little lost in heres the storie my girlfriend soon to be fiance if she says yes was adopted and when her birth parents put her up for it her orriginal birth cirtificate got lost...i know finding the original will be near impossible but she really would like to see a copy of it...its really bothering her alot she feels fake thats what she told me at least...anyways i dont know how to do this or get ahold of something like that...i love her so much and shes really distracted by this so if i could get any advice or instructions on how i could get a copy of it to give to her as a present to calm her nerves and mind it would be much appreaciated...(i dont know if this helps but we live in arizona and she was born in little rock arkansas, im not sure if she was ever moved from their before she was adopted.) please please please if anyone could help i would appreciate it alot...i love her so much and want to help calm her nerves and mind about this.

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    You want the Dept of Vital Statistics/Births/DeathsMarriages...Call your 411 information or look on line.....n any case....Dept ofVital Stats/Arkansas...Hope this helps........No luck finding this info....Then, drop into your church and ask the Minister. Best wishes.

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    Okay, correct off the bat I wish to mention how sorry I am that you're on this concern. Saying that it sucks might be a h**l of a sarcasm. I become aware of that you simply believe thoroughly in love along with your female friend, however a) it must now not be your accountability to maintain her from all of those matters, and b) if she real cares approximately you, why is she doing this? It fairly can not need to be your accountability. When she tells you matters like that, or attempts to head by way of with it by means of taking the treatment, the very first thing you have to do is inform any individual else. If she tells you she's taken a lethal dose of some thing, name an ambulance instantly, idle hazard or now not. If you're in love together with her, and he or she loves you again, possibly you have to ask your self how she would positioned all of this on any individual she cares approximately. It's now not reasonable to you to need to be consistently watching over her shoulder. Anyway. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, that is only one opinion... I real desire you the exceptional of success, pass forward and touch me should you wish.

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    Ohh, I don't know. But, I know that there are services and things like that out there that could help you!

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