Army life like in hawaii?

Soon After i redeploy, i will PCS to Hawaii. I re-enlisted for Hawaii so I don't currently know which post/base i will go to. I am guessing i will most likely go to Schoffield Barracks but it's not certain since i am of 35 series. I was hoping i could get some updated information about military life in Hawaii. I have heard, "it's awesome" or "it sucks" but nobody will ever elaborate. How is the Island of Oahu, how is the food, how do the locals feel about military is what i am wondering. Please share your experiences. If it helps, I am currently a Single Soldier, E-5 and PCSing from Joint Base Lewis Mcchord in Washington. Thanks

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    Schofield is it Sgt. I doubt you get downtown on Shafter, but it is possible. The locals are OK. Many are Vets themselves. I did my time there working on and off as a civilian. Joey was Air Force in Montana when active, I was Army Signal Corps, we got along fine. Lomi lomi is a raw salmon dish, Tako Poki is octopus's not raw, you should know what Sushi is and there it is Mo Betta than the west coast.....Florida get close but they have a wider variety of fish. The local places were cheaper than buying groceries for me. Waki Waki might still have a lot of Aussie ladies in groups......they can be fun. YOU can get off course with the limited miles you can drive without passing go several times. Stay off the Makaha side (west) and do not hit on any Island girls from places like Truk and other remote Island....the Chinese/Japanese girls are OK...just plain old vanilla American girls....some even know the 2 step. HS football is big at Aloha Stadium at night. They play back to back games under the lights. Plate lunch from Rainbo DI is a must, Kalbi beef, BBQ pineapple, the Korean places, Rockza is probably still open if you are into stripe joints, pancakes at the Dollar....forget the exact name but it is down the street from Rockza. You can always help the tourist ladies and girls snorkle at Hanauma Bay. If you walk out to Toilet Bowl NEVER take your eyes off the water, that is a big a$$ rule there, you never know what is coming. It is just what it sounds like....but part of a lave flow from long ago....dumb$h!t tourists get drowned there being sucked into the tube. When I was going over the strippers were getting tanned on Sandy is next to From Here to Eternity Beach AKA as The Blow is past Hanauma,,,,past there is Bellows Beach, it is part of Bellows AFB or long white sand bikini laden beach. Joey took me body surfing there once, I dressed up like a waki waki tourist...he almost backed out of the learn how to dress to blend in. Crime is high in the tourist areas too.....keep your stuff close.

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    I am an army veteran. Hawaii is beautiful, though I found there to be a distinct lack of Muslims to kill.

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