Sri Lanka got crushed by SouthAfrica for the lowest score in T20s?

SL was completely out played by Saffas. Yes the conditions and the nature of the match favored them highly. A 7 over game was all about power hitting and some good depth bowling squaring the batsmen up. SL was lack of some good power hitters and also bowling with extra pace on which SA have mastered themselves. So ever since the beginning it was Saffas leading from the front.

BTW win is a win and they won by quite a margin!

And believe it or not. SL made 46/5 in 7 which is the lowest total in T20s! Now it’s in the record books although it’s completely unfair to call it the lowest score bcz it was made in 7 overs. The next lowest score is 67 by Kenya in 17 overs and that came in a T20 game, not in a T 7 game!


BQ:- Don’t you get the feeling that these 6/7 over matches are nothing but jokes. You need to have at least 15 overs in an innings. Otherwise better abandon the match.

What are we witnessing lol? 6 a side match with 11 players playing?


Now SL owns the highest and lowest scores in T20s. Highest 260/5(20) vs Kenya. Lowest 46/5(7) vs SA. More like here >;_ylt=AunoV...

Update 2:

@ Hey Raju buddy a great answer. I got your logic. You are damn correct! And look at the link you provided. It shows that 46/5 in 7 overs as the lowest total in T20 history. But i don't know what true cricket record books say about that? For an example if a team bowled out for 49 in a T20 match will the commentators say that now they own the 2nd lowest score in T20s? Confusing.

And what about this example in an ODI match.

Team batting first 229/8(50)

Team batting second has a reversed target of 101 in 20 overs but ended up getting 31/8 in 20. So should this 31/8 be considered as the lowest score in ODIs outdoing the current lowest score 35 made by Zimbabwe? Very confusing!

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    It can't be lowest !!


    Technically speaking, it should not be counted to the lowest scores.

    If a team gets all out or it uses 'all the available overs' then it should be counted to the records. But logically speaking, SL used all the available overs(7 overs). This is ridiculous.

    See this example :

    SA - 219/4 (20 overs)

    Ind - 71/0 (7.5 overs)

    Result : South Africa won by 11 runs (D/L method)

    So, As per the logic, This score should get a position in the lowest team totals table !!! ??????

    Lowest team totals in T20 internationals -



    As the number of overs decreases, there might be chance that luck favors. But it applies to both the teams, so teams should apply different strategies & tactics based up on the situation.

    For ex:

    1. utilizing the pinch hitters based on the overs available & power play limits.

    2. Economical bowling rather than wicket seeking

    3. Fielding tactics

    Abandon matches ???


    ♦ D/L introduced to get a result from the matches which were interrupted by rain(some thing similiar).

    ♦ Knockout tournaments( like world cup) definitely needs a result from every match

    ♦ If we need result, we must accept D/L (or) there should be reserve day

    ♦ Reserve days will increase the length of the tournament, so can't afford for it.

    ♦ What if the match abandoned & points shared b/n two teams ? Then, chances for the next rounds will dependent upon remaining one match. (Considering the tournament, only 2 match in league stage). Then people will say it as purely luck based entry to the next round.

    ☛ So... we must accept 7 over matches. :(

    My opinion about the today's match(lowest score) record

    ➨ Runs scored/wickets taken of the super over matches won't be counted to individual profiles of the cricketers. Similarly, this match total should not be counted to the lowest team scores.

    ~~ EDIT - The lowest totals record table has been updated; which means, our discussion can be closed.

    Now the lowest team total - Kenya 67 vs Ireland. But not SL 46 vs SA.

    Thanks for the cricinfo.

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  • T J
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Just imagine if this was a real qualifier. Why can't they (ICC) keep a reserve day for such important clashes, in the WC. It does no justice to these team's caliber and leaves the losing team & its fans, disgusted with the result & the sheer ugliness of a 7 over match, the 1st serious match in that group, so far.

    As Raju has explained, it would be called a loss by certain number of runs by DL method. So don't think SL will end up with the worst score in the history of T-20. Even if it is, it would be another record for the team of all records.

    Very much like A.Mendis & S.Jayasurya holding the best & the worst bowling figures in this format, as SL is holding the highest score record also. IMO it should not count, good luck in the rest of the tournament..

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  • Albert
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Yeah But Game Was Not Full 20 Overs, So !!

    But Still South Africa Bat Very Well In 7 Overs.

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  • 4 years ago

    Sri Lanka V/S Keniya Keniya had scored lowest runs against Sri Lanka!!!!!!

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  • 7 years ago

    But the match was just 7 overs.

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  • 7 years ago

    As AB said,They are pretty compatible with these shortest format having played last two games which was just 9,11 overs.

    It's a disgrace to have theses kind of matches.But i reckon this as a blessing in disguise.Being a dead rubber this loss will motivate SL more.

    However Malinga has to do his bit better than this.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think SA deserved that win. Even if both sides had played 20 overs each, the result would have been the same. South Africa is a much better team than Sri Lanka any way.

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  • ?
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Dont feel like South Africa out played us..

    More like AB de Villiers,, who if not one of the best to ever do it already, will end up being so,, beat us..

    Were nothing to watch in it other than him..

    BQ) Yes.. This isnt cricket..

    Even T20 is one third of cricket.. Seven seven is something else..

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  • borhan
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    is stat going to show it as lowest score in T20 that would be really wrong ..i think 12 overs should be minimum .It seems ICC sheduled T20 world cup in a srilankan rainy season ..

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  • 7 years ago

    Yea it was ridiculous!! -____-

    I still love my Sri Lankan team though.

    Oh and btw thanks for the answer! I forgot to reply to it when I asked the question but just letting you know.

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