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I'm 14 and my chest is a size 28aa?

I hate it! Tops and tshirts just hang off me. No clothes really fit properly. It's really embarrasing at school and I feel like they're never going to grow. They havn't grown in the last couple of years.

If this is helpful, I started my periods in May, and they havn't grown since then. I have a BMI of 15.8. My mum is only a 32a. My sister, who is 18, is a 30B, and she is just as thin as I am. I am only about 4ft 9.

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    You are young and may still grow, but since your mom is an A cup you may stay an A cup too. There is more to life and being a woman than breast size. Your bra cup does not define you. Love yourself for who you are.

  • Lisa
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    8 years ago

    You probably haven't finished growing yet. I was an AA for ages and I was still growing up until about 18/19!

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    im being totally honest u probly will have really small boobs like a cup. just wait, u arent done growing. im almost 14 and the same way!!!! i wear soft padded bras with no real support in them and it makes my boobs look bigger... lol idk

  • 8 years ago

    I'm 15, 5'8" and I have 30aa, be happy with who you are :)

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