Best Way To Rid My House Of The Silverfish Insect?

My home has started to become infested with the silverfish insect. I hate those nasty little things. I have a cat in the house, so I'm reluctant to use any spray poisons. Does anybody have any good suggestions?

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    9 years ago
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    Here are several suggestions:

    1. You can find boric acid powder in some hardware stores in a large squeezable plastic bottle with a cone-shaped tip. Cut off the tip to open it then invert the bottle to spray the dust.

    Mix the boric acid powder with something a bug will eat, like powdered sugar or cornstarch. Silverfish eat just about anything: sugar, starch, protein, glue, paper, each other. Then spray the mixture under & behind baseboards & furniture, in corners, every place you can. The boron in the boric acid is a natural poison for any chewing insect. When they eat the food (now mixed with boric acid dust) they get poisoned. Some insects may even carry some back to the nest.

    2. Another good non-poisonous insect killer to use is "diatomaceous earth" (DE). You can find this at garden centers. It too is a powder. it has to be dry to work. All the bug has to do is crawl through this. It is made of microscopic shells of sea creatures called diatoms. The shells have lots of sharp points. The dust gets in the bug's joints where they don't have any exoskeleton and punctures their skin. They can dry out and die within 1 day.

    3. I mix diatomaceous earth, boric acid and powdered sugar and spray it around my baseboards and under carpets and it does a great job against ants, silverfish, centipedes, etc.

    This too is non toxic, but try not to breath a lot of the dust when spraying it around. I know people with cats, dogs, and parrots who use it without problems, but make sure your cat isn't attracted to the sugar. You don't need much sugar. Vacuuming the carpets doesn't raise a lot of dust because it is underneath. And it doesn't wear out. As long as it's there, it keeps working for years.

    Boric acid has a low toxicity, it's used in eye washes. As long as you're not licking it up off the floor you'll be fine.

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    4 years ago

    Sprinkle total, not floor, cloves the place you have silverfish. curiously, they don't in basic terms like the heady scent and could leave you (and your own residence) by myself. Boric Acid this is low-value & it lasts as long because it does not get damp. this is a powder which may be poured into cracks, dusted below sinks, and blown below the range & refrigerator. you're able to purchase it at maximum hardware shops. in basic terms purchase a plastic picnic ketchup/mustard bottle with a pointed astounding that closes. This works perfect for procuring it into the tight places that it needs to flow. If the powder gets damp, in basic terms reapply. that's going to take some weeks for each and all the bugs to die, yet you in all hazard won't see them lower back. The powder sticks to their legs and then they drag it lower back into their nests the place it kills others besides. Newspapers? One trick that help me replaced into to moisten a newspaper (so as that it replaced into damp yet not soaking) roll up the newspaper and tie it with an elastic. try this at night and the subsequent morning slowly open up the newspaper (that's going to likely be full of silverfish) next the two burn the newspaper or empty right into a trashcan exterior the residing house. try this each night till the newspaper not has any silverfish in it. close Your Drains save your drains closed whilst they are not in use. attempt sprinkling common table salt around your baseboards and all drain pipes and different cracks and crevices. to boot being low-value, salt isn't as volatile as different pesticides to little ones and pets in the event that they might desire to return into touch with it. of direction you will might desire to repeat this especially circumstances. in case you have little ones interior the residing house, its not recommended to apply Boric Acid.

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