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Should i buy samsung note 10.1 or the i pad 3?

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    Samsung note is definitely much better than the ipad 3.

    Now there is no need to carry both an iPhone/Android phone AND iPad/Android tablet! This phone-tablet device has better resolution (and pixel density of course) than the iPad, and it's a third of the size, so it's much easier to carry and walk around with. AND it's much more than just a 3G tablet, it's also a phone for those times that you wish to send SMS, and to have a 'normal' (verbal) phone conversation without voice over IP apps.

    the Note has an 8MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front, so once again much better than any iPad/Android tablet camera, and on par with the cameras on any of the newer smartphones eg. iPhone 4S/Galaxy S2.

    Read the reviews from Samsung note owners here...

    Read the reviews from the ipad 3 owners here...

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  • 8 years ago

    i strongly recommend the samsung. I did have ipad3 and it is not much difference than ipad 2. No innovation, and you are pretty much stuck if you engage yourself to apple.

    With a samsung 10.1 you just simple cannot go wrong.

    Source(s): i had ipad 3 and i tested samsung 10.1.
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