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I want to become a Marine...?

Ever since i was a little kid in India (I'm oriental though) growing up, i wanted to be in the military. Now i am a sophomore in highschool with stellar grades in America (i moved here was i was 5). I am also a part of my high school wrestling team. I plan to go to college but i also want become a marine officer. i have talked to my parents already about joining the military, but they brushed it off as something that would never happen. i am the only son in my father's side of the family they say, and they dont want to lose me. i feel a sense of calling within me, a patriotic feeling, and i want to become a part of that legendary brotherhood. Also my religion, Tibetan Buddhism, diss-allows me from harming others. i am in a awkward situation. any advice would be appreciated. thanks.


Although i don't enjoy harming others, i will always do whatever is needed to be done. i will not let the man to my left or right take a bullet because of my beliefs. so meaning, if i actually do get thrown into a battle, i wont hesitate to retaliate.

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    "Also my religion, Tibetan Buddhism, diss-allows me from harming others"

    You're going to have to be able to reconcile pacifism and military service, because the two aren't a good fit...


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    1) You can`t join if your religion interferes with the military, so I`m not sure how you want to handle that.

    2) Sit down, and talk to your parents about how this is something you really want to do....explain to them what it means to you.

    3) You have a low chance of dying, especially if you have a non-infantry MOS

    4) Look into the different officer programs. With good grades, sports, etc, you might be able to be appointed to the Naval Academy (Where Marines are also commissioned).



    If you have any more questions, or want to talk Marines, message me.

    Source(s): Future Marine and USNA hopeful
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    Follow your dreams. If you don't you will regret it and think of what could have been. Best of luck :) XX

  • Go for the goal.

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