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What political party am I (LONG!)?

I'm just wondering, I have my views but I've never melded to just one party. I didn't cover all political issues, only the ones that are most important to me.

Abortion - Should be legal up until the 7 month period (with the exception of a case where the mother's health is at risk)

Birth control - Pro.... I think it stupid that people should even feel the need to debate it.

Gay marriage - Pro.... Same thing why is it even up for debate? Its a moral/religious issue TWO things that should stay OUT of government

Alcohol - Make it age 18... if you can join the army, you can have a beer

Voting - Should have to take a vote to test your knowledge... that way only educated voters decide

Education - A lot I could say about education, definately needs more funding and I also think the government needs to stay OUT of ANY decisions made with the school... we have a Board of Education, why don't we let THEM make the decisions instead of a bunch of old guys who haven't been in school for over 30 years.

Our two wars - Shouldn't have been in Iraq in the first place, so of course we should get out of there NOW, Afghanistan... Pull out as well, we've done our time there.

Censorship - Absolutely shouldn't be allowed, everyone has different morals on what offends them but that doesn't me because I may be offended by something doesn't mean that others should be allowed to watch/listen to/ or read it

Health care - Free universal, lets catch up with times

Marijuana - Legalize it for 18 and up and tax it, and medical should be allowed to ANYBODY if needed, hands down.

Gun control - While I think we need to perform better background checks (and not let every crazy have a gun) I don't think we should outlaw gun ownership entirely.

Outsourcing - Should have a MAJOR penalty, its a huge part of what's hurting our country, keep jobs in AMERICA

Immigration - Crack down harder on it, another thing hurting our country

Military Spending - Cut it, and send it to education, and enviromental causes

Israel - STOP HELPING THEM! They are poking fights with all of the middle east and expecting us to step in for them. NO, not gonna happen we need to stop getting into trouble for them. Don't people who do this realize that that's how WWIII is most likely going to break out?

Enviroment - One of the most important issues to me, we NEED to develop better technology and stop f**cking up the world we live in, NO amount of profit is worth having no Earth to live in for the future

Stem cell research - Pro, what good are the babies going to do exactly? Another religious/moral issue, KEEP IT OUT OF GOVERNMENT

Religion - Like I've said in many of my other points, doesn't belong in government decisions on whether something should be legal or not, however going too far is another thing, like banning all religious apparel in school? Ridiculous.

Social Security - Americans have EARNED it and the government needs to stop using it as a lending hand

Welfare - While working they can stay on for 2 years, without work give them 6 months to find a job... also we need to drug test them but not just them, ANYBODY living off the tax payer dollar needs to be tested.

Food regulation - End it, we shouldn't be going around banning vending machines from schools (while kids are just going to go across the street to a gas station to buy the food anyways) and we shouldn't be getting rid of everything that has high fat in it. Here in America, we have to right to eat whatever we please.

However if you want to put an end to all these chemicals, and making better conditions for the animals in our meat manufacturing business, so be it... Cows/chickens/pigs need to be raised on a FARM not a factory with 10,000 drugs in their system to make them grow faster. Once again enviroment>economy

Death Penalty - Against, not for a religious/moral issue, I just don't think the government should ever be legally allowed to kill an American citizen... now if that citizen chooses to kill himself rather than a life in prison? So be it.

Oh and one last thing, PATRIOT ACT - Ban it, we need to stop voluntarily giving up our rights out of fear of terrorism.

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  • ?
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
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    Abortion - Democrat

    Birth Control - Democrat

    Gay Marriage - Democrat

    Alcohol - Democrat

    Voting - Republican

    Education - Democrat

    Wars - Democrat

    Censorship - Democrat (Some GOP officials want to censor pornography)

    Health-Care - Very Democrat

    Marijuana - Democrat

    Gun Ownership - Slightly Democrat

    Outsourcing - Republican

    Immigration - Hard to say; you're too vague on this one.

    Military Spending - Strong Democrat

    Israel - Democrat

    Environment - Democrat

    Stem-Cell - Democrat

    Religion - Democrat

    Social Security - Neither

    Welfare - Probably both; slightly Democrat because of the 2 years allowance

    Food Regulation - Republican

    Capital Punishment - Democrat

    Patriot Act - Democrat

    OVERALL = You are a left-wing liberal Democrat. You will vote Obama on 11/6/2012.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Democrat,possibly Green.

  • 9 years ago

    You should vote for a Republican because they will keep more jobs here.

    What is your view on the debt?

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like my party

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  • Sarah
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    You're a democrat.

  • 9 years ago

    "Healthcare- free universal"

    Um, pardon me, but who's money is it that will be paying for the "free" healthcare?

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