Looking for parents of William Carter b Virginia. 1783-1874 I need his parents only (more info below)?

I've looked for years and have NOT been able to find this man. Here is more info. William 'Billy' Carter was born 18 January 1783 in VA, and died 29 December 1874 in Monroe Co. IN Bur Carter Cem.,Indian Cr. Twp.. He married Loucinda Edwards on 14 November 1804 in Patrick Co. VA, daughter of Thomas B. Edwards, Rev. War Militia and Winefred McDaniel.

Notes for William 'Billy' Carter:

William Carter (ancestory not proven} was born 10 Jan. 1783 in Virginia. In Patrick County, Virginia on 14 Nov. 1804 he married Lucinda Edwards daughter of Thomas Edwards and Winefret McDaniel. The marriage ceremony was performed by Jesse Jones, a Baptist minister, and the marriage bond was signed by William Carter and John Carter. Thomas Edwards, father of Lucinda, served in the militia of Henry County and marched to the assistance of General Greene as reported in the History of Patrick and Henry Counties by Virginia and Lewis G. Pedigo. George McDaniel, Sr. proven father of Winefret McDaniel and grandfather of Lucinda Edwards Carter, was a Revolutionary War veteran of Amherst County, Virginia. He was born 17 May 1722 in King William County, Virginia and died 15 Nov. 1821 in Amherst County. William and Lucinda Edwards Carter migrated to Indiana Territory between 1809 and 1811. They died 29 Dec. 1874 and 7 Jan. 1879 respectively and are buried in Indian Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana. Thomas Edwards, a member of the Henry County Virginia Militia, was born 6 July 1754 and died 22 Mar . 1829 and is buried in the Storm Cemetery, Center Township, Greene County, Indiana.

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    I can't find any records. Sometimes there just aren't any records. There are 90 trees for him on ancestry.com and none have parents listed. Have you contacted any of the historical societies in VA or IN?

    This is one story attached to a tree and there is also a list of descendants. I can imagine that going to Indiana Territory 200 years ago took quite a bit of fortitude and courage.

    "Uncle William Carter was born in Old Virginia, and came to Greene County about fifty-seven years ago, and then built a house, entered the land, made the farm and set out the old orchard and lived out his days at the place where his son, William Carter, now lives. Mr. Carter died last January, aged ninety-two years.

    Abraham Young, Mr. Carter's son-in-law, was born in Frederick County, Maryland, and came to Indiana in the year 1811, and settled in what is now Floyd County, on the Ohio River, before the forest timber was cleared away, at the place where the city of New Albany now stands. Mr. Young came to Greene County at an early day, and settled at the old Rock Bluff Bingham Mill Seat, at the noted old time over-shot wheel water-mill. Mr. Young is seventy-five years old, and has been married fifty years, and he and his wife had no children"


    Source(s): ancestry.com
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    You have looked for years and haven't found anything........................ tells me you are looking in the wrong place, repeating the same research or looking for the wrong person...........

    born 18 January 1783 in VA......how do you know birth cert? baptism record? informed in a letter from grandma?........or an online transcription, IGI or collection?

    American genealogists I have found are happier to accept far less proof than British genealogists I have found over several years, such as from published books and from obituaries........... so from someone who for those dates/time frame accepts three primary records for each event before I trust it( which is very normal for UK researchers)............ you know what records are available in VA and they may not be the same type, quality or give the same information as UK records..........although I have found some US records give far more....so lets go with two primary records.

    so ..Primary being a record written at the event or close to it.... so birth cert/ baptism record and without even looking my guess is VA did not provide birth certs in 1783....so the birth date is very likely to be spurious.... as where would it be written down.............if it was written on the baptism record you would also have that date

    That is how I would research it, so the first thing for me would be to prove via real records the imformation you already have........... and you very possibly have done this such as find the baptism record and if it was online it would have to be a image, NOTHING else would do.... if you have the baptism record and it doesn't show either parent, then have you looked prior to and after Wm baptism to search for siblings..... who witnessed his marriage, sometimes they are siblings...was his name Wm or was it James Wm, simple things like that can change research.............

    Hopefully this has given you more ideas..........it can be frustrating but back in 1783 they didn't realise how important records were going to be for us searching them..............and sometimes you have to accept the natural end of your research.... so you go onto another line and start again

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