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Is the English town where Hyacinth Bucket resided a real or fictional town? If real, where is it?

Also, is the house of Hyacinth's sister and brother-in-law, Daisy and Onslow, a typical "council house" in Britain? Is a "council house" what we in America would call "public housing" because it is subsidized by the government for people who otherwise could not afford their own housing?

Do most people in Britain live in attached or detached housing? I realize that these terms are British terms, as no one in America uses the terms attached or detached. However, I have watched enough British film and TV to hear the terms used by Britons. I suppose Hyacinth and her sister Violet's houses are detached, whereas Daisy's is attached. It seems that Britons put much emphasis on living in a detached house as a sign of increased wealth and privilege. I noticed this in the film, "Billy Elliott" where Billy's father made the clear distinction that Billy's ballet instructor lived in a detached house vs. the attached house that Billy lived in. By the instructor living in a detached house, the father felt she looked down on Billy's family (which, in actuality, she didn't).

Back to my original Hyacinth's town a real or fictional town and, if real, where is it? Thank you for answering this question, plus the other questions I pose in trying to learn more about British culture.

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    I can't recall an actual town ever being mentioned in the series, but I could be wrong. But here are the filming locations:

    "Exterior shots around Hyacinth's house were taped in Binley Woods, Warwickshire, a village east of Coventry. [3]

    Exterior shots around Daisy and Onslow's council terrace were taped in Stoke Aldermoor in Coventry.[4] Other exterior street and town shots were taped in Leamington Spa, and in various towns throughout Warwickshire, along with many scenes from the large town of Northampton. Some scenes were also shot in Swindon, Oxford, and Bristol." (from Wikipedia)

    A council house is the same as public housing.

    The term "attached" housing is not used in Britain, the correct term is terraced housing, and that means a row of houses joined together. Semi-detached means two houses with an adjoining wall, and detached means a single house which is not joined to another house.

    Terraced housing was common in cities and was originally built for rich people. But as these people moved out of the city to detached houses the inner city terraces became slums. Now things have changed and inner city terraces are quite trendy. Semi-detached housing was originally built in middle class areas such as the areavthe Bucket's lived in, and many of these are still middle lass. But semi's were also built in council housing areas.

    The Bucket's home was a semi-detached house, not detached.

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    me again,if I offended you about Lucille Ball,it was unintended,I have loved her for years and the first time I saw her was in a film about a football team in a college,and she sang Buckle down Wisconsin,or something like that.

    Not all council tenants are as bad as Daisy and Onslow,and a lot of people own the houses,it is not necessarily that people are more richer to own a semi- at detached house it is just they are more expensive and the owners may be finding it hard to pay the mortgage,the houses also take up more room and we are not a very large country and we are slowly using farmland to build,our country is getting too full.I always thought Hyacincth lived in a bungalow her sister had a detached house,with room for a pony. There are many streets of houses called terraces rows of houses in a long line the only difference are the two at either end,they may be slightly larger.We have a progamme called Shameless about a council estate but it is not funny as was Keeping up Apparences,it is darker and sadder. Reading your letter through I think that Daisy and Onslow lived in a semi-detached council house

    but I would not liked to have lived next door to them. I have no idea where the show was filmed but it must have been what we call a county town somewhere in the Midlands. Piece of trivia Miss Rutledge started out as a singer,and she also played an outragous critic totally different to Hyacinth. Forgive the errors in the spelling

  • Yes it was filmed in Coventry, England. I have seen all the episodes of Keeping up Appearances and don't recall them ever giving the area a name so there is no real/fictional town to compare to as it was never mentioned.

    We don't use the terms, 'attached' - house types are (generally) Detached, Semi-Detached, Bungalow, Chalet Bungalot, or Flat/Apartment.

    None of these give signs of wealth, someone could live in Sheffield in a six bedroom detached house with large front and back garden which has a market value of £400,000 where someone could live in a two bed flat/apartment in Fulham which has a market value of £1,500,000 - doesn't matter these days.

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    I believe that Keeping Up Appearances was filmed in Cheltenham or Gloucester. However, it was never identified as either. You would call Council Housing public housing, but it is not subsidised to any large extent these days. It is provided by local authorities, not by Central Government. None is built these days, and has not been for many years. Rather, successive Governments have preferred low cost housing to be provided through (mainly) charitable organisations known as Housing Associations. Houses in the UK are eithe detached, semi-detached or terraces (I think you call them row houses). I guess, the majority live in semis. There is a certain amount of snobbery about living in a detached houses, although they come in all shapes and sizes. Daisy and Onslow's house was not typical. It was a typical comic exaggeration - as was Hyacinth herself.

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    It's a fictional programme.

    We have a variety of housing. Inner cities have high density housing: Tall blocks of flats (apartments). There are also terraced houses (linked together in a row). Further out, there are semi detached houses (two linked together) and detached houses.

    On the other end of the scale are huge country houses with acres of land. Look up Chatsworth House.

    Some old buildings, such as barns, stables and oast houses are converted into houses.

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    Hyacinth Bouquet

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    Been a while since I looked it up, but they used a Variety of places............ I remember Onslow's house is in Coventry, next to where the Peugeot factory used to be, as I've seen it on Google Earth & Streetview.,-1...

    Hyacinth's house is located somewhere along "Heather Road" in a place called "Binley Woods", just outside Coventry... but i can't find the exact one.

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    Yeah, they're real.

    I saw a report that said most people live semi-deteched housing, followed by terraced housing.

    What's the downvotes for?

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    It's fictional

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    Hahaha lol lmao

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