Can you help me with english homework?

i need help with my vocab work! Im a freshman and in a sophmore english class. The words are: adroit skillful, experiment in the use of the hands or mind

amicable peaceable, friendly

averse having a deep-seated distaste; opposed, unwilling

belligerent given to fighting, warlike, combative, aggressive; one at war, one engaged in war

benevolent kindly, charitable

cursory hasty, not thorough

duplicity treachery, deceitfulness

extol to praise extravagantly

feasible possible, able to be done

grimace a wry face, facial distortion; to make a wry face

holocaust a large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering

impervious not affected or hurt by, admitting of no passage or entrance

impetus a moving force, impulse, stimulus

jeopardy danger

meticulous extremely careful; particular about details

nostalgia a longing for something past; homesickness

quintessence the purest essence or form of something; the most typical example

retrogress to move backward; to return to an earlier condition

scrutinize to examine closely

tepid lukewarm; unenthusiastic; marked by an absence of interest


1. A shocking case of fraud _________

2. rescued dozens of people from the blazing inferno __________

3. the intimidating scowl on his face __________

4. a brief spell of yearning _____________

5. staged a painstaking re-creation of a famous battle ___________

6. respond with a confrontational voice ____________

7. not practicable during the winter months ___________

8. relapse to a pattern of self destructive behavior _____________

9. imperilment caused by risky behavior ____________


1. smiled broadly at the sight of her grandchild _________

2. the enthusiastic response of the fans ____________

3. an inundation of the valley after the storm __________

4. saw them develop into a successful team _____________

5. a forward looking approach ___________

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    2. Duplicity

    3. Holocaust

    4. Grimace

    5. Nostalgia

    6. Meticulous

    7. Belligerent

    8 Feasible

    9. Retrogress

    10. Jeopardy?


    1. Grimace

    2. Tepid

    3. ?

    4. Retrogress

    5. Nostalgic (nostalgia)

    Sorry didn't get all of them!

    Source(s): I take that class too.
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