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Is this what the GOP really wants?

Liberals: If I listen to you than this is what the GOP would make happen if they got total control:

A president who caters only to business and the elites, no taxes whatsoever on anyone but the poor and middle class(who would then stop working), no regulations on business(all our water would be toxic, and products would be unsafe), and the government disbanded completely so businesses and the rich don't have to worry about laws.

If this were true the USA would become an uninhabitable wasteland run by whoever was the strongest, why would anyone like Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet want to live here? And what party in history actually would work to destroy the country it represents, what would be the point to build up power just to destroy it?


So, itsme, you think that this is what would happen if Romney was elected and every seat in Congress was held by a Republican?

Update 2:

@ tehabwa, you didn't answer my question, if the rich are benefiting from these policies, yet they destroy the country and render it unable to sustain life, then why do it? What is the point of spending to be elected then punish those who voted you in and destroy what you were elected to control?

And if the workers weren't getting paid and were the only ones being taxed, I doubt they would still work at all, let alone slave away their lives for nothing.

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    That's very CLOSE to what the GOP wants -- and they've SAID they support most of what you've said.

    They want deregulation, so unscrupulous people can do whatever they want (including stealing everyone else's money, wrecking the economy, and poisoning the air, water, and food). They have SAID they want to eliminate regulations, to have "free enterprise" -- dunno why you have never heard this.

    It's not that the poor and middle class would stop working -- but they think we SHOULD work, but only to profit the already extremely rich. That is, we should work 80 hour weeks, and get paid pennies; there should be NO requirement for a safe workplace, or for a living wage. And there wouldn't BE a middle class, under their rule, if they had their way entirely.

    Not disbanding government entirely -- they want to spend trillions on the military; and they want to impose theocracy on the citizenry. The laws would be to oppress the vast majority, while allowing the very few to do anything they want.

    Uh, Gates and Buffet disagree with the GOP on many things (such as tax cuts for the rich, and deregulation).

    The GOP has worked to destroy the lives of most citizens -- nearly completely destroying the middle class.

    You've left out a couple of points: ONLY the rich should get health care; ONLY the children of the rich should be educated.

    I've never accused the GOP of being far-sighted; greedy, unscrupulous people tend to be short-sighted. I've never accused the GOP of being humane; greedy, unscrupulous people aren't.

    The Dems put in place a regulatory system that prevented economic crises for 50 years (which Republicans, with some help from some Dems, dismantled). They put in place protection of workers' rights, and a progressive income tax. These things led to the fastest-growing, biggest, most comfy middle class the world had ever seen, and a strong, stable economy.

    Social Security (a Dem program, that Republican politicians, and many extremely rich people have always HATED and sought to destroy) took the poverty rate among seniors from about half, to the single digits. Medicare extended their lives, and massively improved their quality of life. (Another Dem plan that Republican politicians and their masters have always hated, and sought to destroy.)

    If we'd have had our way, we'd have most of our energy coming from green sources, and would have been building green for decades; we'd have reduced poverty to nearly zero; free trade agreements would have included environmental and worker protections (making it less profitable to ship jobs overseas). That last is actually a progressive thing -- progressives, us nut-jobs everyone keeps ignoring and dismissing.

    Oh, and another thing the GOP wants: lots of wars, that last decades, at least. (McCain and Romney can't find enough places to go to war with. Under McCain, we'd be in AT LEAST 4, probably 5 or more; none with any end in sight.)

    The GOP abandoned Reality-Based Thinking long ago (by the statement of one of their biggest players, Grover Norquist). That means they're just not tied in any way to REALITY, but run on wishful thinking: If we want something to be true, we SAY it's true, and that MAKES it true.

    That's why we call them wing-nuts.

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    Well, the government would cease to function long before the country crashed and business would be in a downward spiral and would be hurt badly. Simply put we are a society and have to work together if any one part of our society wants to survive. Republicans have to learn how to compromise and raise taxes or die a political death.

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    you do understand first of all that Buffett and Gates are Democrats...that's exactly what the republican leaders propose...ending regulation, lowering taxes on the is what they are proposing. It's nothing made up here....if you end EPA regulations what will happen....Bush ended banking regulations..what happened...come on ...think about what you are saying...

    edit..hey buzz, you do realize the "red" republican states take in more money than the democratic states in federal money....who is supporting who you moocher.....

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    The essential difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals could not exist without conservatives to defend their freedom and support them economically.

    Conservatives, on the other hand, could exist and live quite well without liberals.

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    Liberals are the most dramatic, shrilly and exaggerative people in world history, and they call conservatives the fear mongers. It's really pathetic when you think about it.

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