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What happened to the Pittsburgh Pirates?

They are 74-75 now, weren't they just in second place in the NL Central, have they collapsed again.

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    1) The hitting has been very inconsistent. They got seven runs yesterday, but they managed 1 run in the prior two games. The players are pressing and have very poor pitch recognition and plate discipline skills. I doubt hitting coach Gregg Ritchie works with them and that his only purpose on this team is to be Clint Hurdle's drinking buddy.

    2) The starting pitching has been very inconsistent. A.J. Burnett has fallen back to earth, giving up alot more hits in the second half. James McDonald has struggled with his command for the past three months. Jeff Karstens was injured also. Both are now in the bullpen, which means that Clint Hurdle will use them when he feels like it.

    3) The second best hitter, Neil Walker, has been playing through back pains, and has been really struggling.

    4) Clint Hurdle still starts Rod Barajas and Clint Barmes despite their poor hitting this season.

    5) The team is playing terrible defense. The pitchers are ineffective at holding baserunners. Barajas and Michael Mckenry can't throw out any baserunners.

    6) Middle relief has been very bad in the second half. Jared Hughes and Jason Grilli have struggled for the past two months. Worst of all, Hurdle is now using journeyman Chad Qualls, a reliever acquired at the deadline. Qualls was terrible with the Phillies earlier this year, and he has pitched poorly for the Pirates. He blew the save in yesterday's game.

    7) 1B Gaby Sanchez doesn't play enough. He's been one of the only hitters in our lineup hitting well this month.

    8) This team has no confidence what so ever. Hurdle is one of the most overrated managers in the game and has no leadership skills. You would think he should talk to the team and tell them they are still in the wildcard race, but he is stupid and doesn't care that this team is falling faster than the rate of gravity.

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    Travis Snider has been .. awful. 1 home run and 9 RBI in 42 games since the trade from Toronto. Colossally disappointing! The Bucs haven't finished above .500 since Bonds & Bonilla played for them and it looks like that'll continue.

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    Clint Hurdle will be looking for employiment after the season

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    To put it simply. They have no confidence. They are so used to losing that they feel that they can never win, so when they found themselves in the thick of a pennant race, they panicked instead of jumping to the challenge.

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    Weakening arms for starters and the bullpen.....this cusp of being a division/WC contender can close quickly....just ask the Twins.

  • bird
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    made too many trades

    better served to keep team basically as is, they were the ones winning the games.

    did the same thing last year, trade, trade, trade.

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    one word: reality

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