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I fail my exam! I am so upset and hopeless?

I am an Asian student in the United States, currently a senior in a university majoring in Psychology. I am currently have 3.9 GPA, and got A on all my major classes. Today, it's my first time to fail the test, it's biological psychology. I studied extremely hard, and slept at 2 or 3 am. However, I failed the test. I cannot accept the result. I am applying for graduate school right now, the biological psychology may destroy my GPA, and seriously influence my application. If I cannot admitted by graduate program, it's useless to get a high GPA. All my motivation for study is to go to graduate program. Because English is not my native language, I have to spend more time to study in order to catch up with American students. I gave up my hobbies, I don't party, Don't watch TV. No dating.

If I cannot be admitted by graduate program, I have to return back to my home country after finishing my college, and I will be treated as a loser.......because I cannot get a good job based on a Bachelor's degree in China. I just think that if I fail to go to graduate school, the life is meaningless. I have decided that I won't go to graduation ceremony unless I can be admitted by graduate program.

I am a guy, but I don't know why I cried a lot, It's so stressful in college. so lonely live by myself. If I fail, I cannot accept the result......

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    its ok dude its just one test

    iknow many kids who fail like 3 tests but eventually get into a good universtiy

    i think one thing that u shouldnt have done was to give up hobbies and sports cuz universites these days arent after "smart" students, but students who can change the world and are "special"

    my brothers school marks were a B average but was accepted to Stanford University cuz he was very good at tennis - top 10 in Bc, canada and joined many organizations like " free the children" and stuff. s why did he get accepted? Cuz he was special and had decent grade average and could stand ourpt in the world.

    so if i were u i wouldnt stress about if i were u but start doing stuff other than studying man! like join organizations or sports and stuff. i guarentee if u got like 100 percent on everything schools like harvard would still pick people like my borther over u, its reailty Jimmy boy.


    Source(s): im a straight A student and national tennis player u 16, have joined Free the children also
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