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Is keeping torrents on your computer dangerous?

If you keep torrents on your computer, can you get detected and get in trouble? Does it matter if you've used the torrent at all?

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  • Goerge
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    It all depends on your ISP and your local laws. I know of a couple ISPs that will throttle, reduce level of service or just flat out suspend your service should they receive a DMCA violation notice from the respective copyright holder. Let's get real for a second. You KNOW that the program, music, game, operating system or whatever you downloaded costs money otherwise you would have went to the source. It is NO different then having your back-seat full of stolen CDs and DVDs. People think that just because it is in digital form they have the right to be a thief because they know how to download. It's an immature and stupid way of acquiring software unless it is in the public domain or covered by some other Creative Commons license. No it doesn't matter if you used the software. Oh um judge I know I stole this from the store but I didn't use it so I am free to go? Um yeah sure. I am 100% positive because where did that information come from? No matter the origin it eventually has to go through your ISP and they would be the one the copyright holder would contact. The footprints that many computer users create are very obvious even when a proxy or some other cloaking software is in use. In the 15-20 years that I have been using, building and maintaining computers I have known of many incidents where the person was contacted by their ISP(Suddenlink) that illegal activity was noticed and the movie that was downloaded(Sony was the copyright holder) wasn't played or even opened yet. I am 99% sure it really doesn't matter if you haven't been contacted yet but a thief is a thief.

  • D McC
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    you get detected when you are downloading the torrents, not by storing them

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