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fire tornado in australia?


i think every one heard about that strange fire tornado in Australia ..


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what i want to know is a scientific explanation about what the heck happened there ?


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    It was not a tornado. It was a dust devil. Dust devils are common in Australia and form when air close to the ground becomes very hot. A dust devil is a spiralling column of rising air and often carries dust, leaves, grass etc. Some in western Queensland have been measured up to 8000ft high. Tornadoes are vortices that extend down from cumulonimbus clouds. They do not occur in clear air as dust devils do.

    On rare occasions a dust devil occurs with a grass fire and the result is what you see.The very hot air is lifted high and the flames go with it. I have seen one but it didn't last as long as this one.

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    Tornadoes have been reported on each and every continent different than Antarctica, which does no longer have the essential evaluation between heat and chilly air and additionally the humid air necessary for thunderstorms to variety.

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    If you go to Dr. Greg Forbes explained how this phenomenon works. He is the severe weather expert.

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