transfer windows operating system to SSD?

I want to copy over OS and 2 partitions to a new SSD on a Win 7x64 laptop, what should I take attention and have you experenced this, do you have any suggestions about this process?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Two Partitions? What are they? Do you have one hard drive that has two partitions and on one of them, the C drive (partition) is the Operating System and the other Partition is an Extended partition or what?

    Do you have one hard drive with C drive has the OS and you have two more Partitions on the same drive...3 partitions in all?

    What is on the SSD at the moment? Is it blank?

    On what computer is the Win 7 installed ?? The Laptop or another computer??

    Whatever, you can do it using this program it is free to get and use. You can create a Disk Image of the C drive or you can use the program to shift everything to the SSD.

    Beware, you can screw it up real fast if you don't read how to use the is not just one click fix fool-proof stuff.

    Also, as the Win 7 is licensed to the computer it is on, when you have it on the laptop you just might have to buy a new license from Microsoft because you have in effect, installed the Operating System on 2 computers. Ok if you have a license to install on two computers.

    If not well..............................

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  • 8 years ago

    It's possible to clone, make and exact copy, of your current hard drive onto a new SSD. The SSD must be the same size or larger than the original hard drive. I know some SSDs come with software to do just that but you might have to download hard drive cloning software if the SSD you buy doesn't come with its own.

    - Dominic

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  • 4 years ago

    the least confusing thank you to try this could be for a sparkling setting up, and then use some form of flash memory (or a know-how server in the experience that your getting fancy) to flow any data you will prefer. this can be the least confusing way, as its no longer elementary to flow a working gadget with archives throughout the time of confusing drives.

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