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Is Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth Bucket the British equivalent of Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo?

What a wonderful physical comedic actress Patricia Routledge is! I think she ranks up there with Lucille Ball in her comedic talents. Would you agree?

Also, I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of the gentleman who played Hyacinth's brother-in-law, Onslow. He died at the same age my father did (age 69) of the same disease - prostate cancer. How very sad. He also was such a great comedic actor in how he played Onslow who hilariously always managed to be the bane of Hyancinth's social-climbing efforts. Wonderful!

Just love watching "Keeping Up Appearances". It is constantly played in re-runs on our PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) channel here in America. All TV networks in America are independently-run, for-profit corporations (ABC which is American Broadcasting Corp.; NBC which is National Broadcasting Corp.; CBS which is Columbia Broadcasting Corp., plus the myriad of cable channels)...but PBS is the only not-for-profit with part of the funding coming from the government...much like your BBC, I suppose. I think re-runs of "Keeping Up Appearances" and other British comedies ("As Time Goes By", "Waiting for God", etc.) are shown on our PBS because they are not as expensive to gain the rights for. We love them. Keep them coming.

Sorry for rambling on, but I love the Brit-coms as we affectionately call them.


@Robin: I should have phrased my question differently as I didn't mean to imply that the characters of Hyacinth Bucket and Lucy Ricardo were anything alike. I meant to suggest that the ACTRESSES Patricia Routledge and Lucille Ball are both wonderful comedic actresses, most especially in how they handle the physicality of their comedy. Of course you are right in the fact that the character Lucy Ricardo was no snob like the character Hyacinth Bucket.

Update 2:

@TSK: Lucy Ricardo was the character that Lucille Ball played on the 1950's TV show (you call it programme instead of show, I believe), "I Love Lucy". Also, I'm sorry you found this an opportunity to degrade American actors. I agree with you about Patricia Routledge being so versatile in her performances as I have seen her playing a non-comedic role as a detective/sleuth on another British program.

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    Lucy Ricardo was not a snob,Hyacinth was ,I liked Daisy and Onslow a pair well matched and you do see couples like that but best of all was Rose,who never quite got her man A bit of Trivia Onslow Square in London is one of the Poshest addresses in London.

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    SHE IS a national treasure, BUT NOT only known for her comedy....A great stage actress too.....Sorry to be picky, but these things are OLD.....There is a LOT more to us than this...What next? Questions about BENNY HILL & MONTY PYTHON...?! We are a modern country,NOT a theme park to please the Americans.....SHE is /was versatile which many artistes from the US do not seem to be...just playing themselves/reading lines....Google her.Believe she started in what we call rep......Theatre groups which toured the country, putting on a series of productions......

    Heard of Ball, but never Ricardo.....

    Interestingly, and for some odd reason, we have US PBS, on satellite, here......Whenever I look at what is on seems to be the same old stuff......

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