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Leslee asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 9 years ago

Highlights and lowlights?

I need to know feedback on how blonde highlights and black lowlights would look on light brown hair. Would it look stupid or not?

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  • 9 years ago
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    When your hair stylist highlights your hair, he or she will add streaks that are lighter than your natural hair color. If you have lighter hair, you may want to consider blonde or red highlights. Women with darker hair and skin tones should consider a shade of caramel brown or copper.

    Most women will find themselves adding highlights if they want to lighten their hair for a sun-kissed look. You can add highlights whenever you want to add dimension to your hair color. Highlights tend to look great with layered or bob hairstyles. They also are a great way to test out a new shade.

    When your hair stylist adds lowlights to your hair, he or she will add streaks that are darker than your natural hair color. How do you know when to get lowlights or both highlights and lowlights? Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering lowlights.

    You should consider lowlights if you highlight your hair regularly. It's ideal to get lowlights done every third time if you opt for natural (or thin) highlights or every two times if you have your stylist do chunky highlights. This prevents your hair from becoming overhighlighted, which can cause it to look one uniform color over time.

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