problems understanding math?

hey guys so i want to now if you guys now why i suck at math

i listen to the teacher, i pay full attention on the class i try to do my work and homework

but i don't know why but i just can understand math im on my second year of highs school

and sometimes i feel like crying because i just cant do my homework

i dont know what to do

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    7 years ago
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    I would help if you would put some examples of the Math problem your are working it . Than we can better help you with it .

    in Math you are trying to solve for a Unknown value (using a letter to represent it) using the known values or variables and moving them around the equation using there opposites to get it from one side of the equation or the other thereby getting the Unknown value on one side of it and the Know values on the other to get the unknown to reveal itself thru all the math operations involved in sloving it


    a + 4 = 7

    -4 + a + 4 = 7 + -4

    a = 3

    Math is the study of relationship of one thing to another .

    Also here are some math help websites

    those websites will help you with your math and if you post some of your Math problems here We Yahoo answerer's will help you with it .

    Also ask your teacher what you are doing wrong? Better yet, Post it here and ask us what you are doing wrong.

  • 3 years ago

    a million. looks such as you have an extremely photographic memory. it somewhat is sturdy. all of us do no longer, mandatory, have meaning. 2. once you attempt to remedy math or something, continually ask your self "Why" and "How". do no longer take something with none attention. do no longer have confidence all and sundry, inspect your self. each issue has a logical end. 3. it somewhat is time-honored to be in panic mode in the time of examination. which will bypass away once you build your self self-self belief. 4. distinctive the time "regulations must be memorized". 5. attempt to evaluate by potential of understand-how no longer by potential of memorizing. ............trustworthy answer

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