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Did You know that Welfare was actually around when Romney's immigrant Dad applied for it?


But there has NOT been Welfare for the Poor since 1998 >


Washington, D.C. welfare caseworker Angela Perkins talks to Cynthia Harris. (Juana Arias, Washington Post)

Welfare's Changing Face

By Dan Froomkin Staff

Updated July 23, 1998

Welfare as we knew it no longer exists.

The 61-year American tradition of guaranteeing cash assistance to the poor came to an end with the signing of legislation in August 1996.

Under the old system, founded during the Great Depression, the federal government provided fairly uniform benefits to the nation's poor – mostly mothers and children – without regard to the details of their personal circumstances, and with no time limit.

But over time, the system became increasingly unpopular. Political opinion turned against the idea of anyone getting rewarded for being idle. Social critics said welfare was responsible for a permanent underclass of people living off government checks beca

Update 2:

Mitt Romney's Father, George Romney, Lived Off "Welfare ...

You are here: Home » Presidential Election » Mitt Romney’s Father, George Romney, Lived Off “Welfare ... the number of low-income households who qualify and apply ... - Cached

Aid Was Good Enough For Mitt's Dad, But Not For Hungry Kids ...

Mitt Romney’s father was on welfare relief, and then he went on to make a great career for ... When my father passed away, I applied to NY's Social Services for ... - Cached

SHAME on the Liar: Mitt Romney's Mother Talks About His ...

Mitt Romney's mother, Lenore LaFount Romney, is on video talking about how his father George was on welfare relief ... When I couldn’t keep working and applied for ... - Cached

Update 3:

Obama was born In Hawaii yet you CONS think he is not an american - go figure you hypocrites.

Honestly I think Mitt was born In Mexico too.

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    his Dad is one of the 47% that he hates.

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    He was an American citizen born in Mexico to American citizen. Funny though, this great American family fled America because they were breaking the law by grandpa having multiple wives and it was illegal. So instead of complying with American law the betrayed this great country. It's even funnier how much disdain Romney has for Mexicans when they sheltered his family as they were running from the law. Irony?

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    George Romney was not an immigrant, he was a citizen by birth, his parents never gave up their US citizenship, they were just living in Mexico.

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    Yes...but it was called "relief" and if you were found owning an AM radio they would cut you from the benefits.

    But thank you as you have proven obama cannot learn from lessons in history.

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