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Toyota still make Supra's?

Toyota Supra

is this a car of the past?

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    Nope they dont i own a Toyota Supra 1994 completely obsesssed with them, there is a rumour that Tokyo JDM want to bring it back, with many 2013-14 concepts out there....the latest badged supra you can get are 2001 models, in the united states they stopped selling them around 1998-99 you had to IMPORT them from Japan, my supra is an import, came from Japan in 2006. low kms best way to do it,

    however if you want something new in terms of Supra Styling and such iv come to the liking of the TOYOTA 86.

    it looks EXACTLY the same in the interior passenger, thje body shape is very similiar here is a link:

    this is available in the US and AUS for approx 20k. relatively on the cheap side for a new model sports coupe.. hope that helps :)

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    Now each are fairly just right automobiles and each quilt specific models and engines and many others,overall the last Supra and the last Celica's are each first-rate automobiles and still flip heads. The later Supra's does take the threshold due to the class it was once made in,it was once made in,this was once to compete against such automobiles because the Evo and Skyline models. So with the Supra you get tunable engine with the 2jz tt engine just right for over 1000bhp and the automobiles themselves do consider and offer a more hardcore feel to the celica. Myself i like them both so it relies what you wish to have,my expertise is from my pal whom had a Supra and went to a celica but he might no longer cope in his eyes he had dropped down and is now back in a MK4 Supra.

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