Dean Vaughn medical terms. Need the dean v medical term?

I have a word find and i need the medical term for it soo could ya help me (:?

i have some i just wanna make sure and its "Dean Vaughn" chapter 1-3 if that helps

1.) A watery state of the blood

2.)The surgical removal of a breast

3.)Situated above the liver

4.)Dropping of the upper eyelid

6.)Behind the heart

7.)Crushing of a stone within the bladder

8.)Overdevelopment of an organ or part

9.)A record of the effects of muscular contraction

10.)Disease producer

11.)Disintegration of the tissue due to causes within the patients own body

12.) Pain in the tongue

13.)Pertaining to the rib

14.) Pertaining to the teeth

15.)A cancerous tumor composed of gland-like cells

16.)Surgical incision of a bursa

17.) Pertaining to the head

18.) surgical fusion of a joint

19.) upper middle region of the abdomen

20.) Rupture of a blood vessel

Thanks and do not post ANYTHING if its bs cus fyi it wont get picked soooo THANKS and this is a high school class soo nothing classy thanks



And dont be rude i will report there is about 100 of these and these r the ones i cant find soo sorry if u dont like it FU*K OFF

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    How about trying to do your own homework by reading the book instead of hoping other people will tell you the answers?

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