can a 3 year old who has juvenile diabetes get Ssi/ssd?


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  • Judith
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    8 years ago
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    If your household income is low enough and his diabetes prevents him from behaving as a normal child, then yes, he could possibly become entitled to SSI (Supplemental Security Income). SSI is the federal welfare program. Benefits are paid to people who are blind, disabled or over age 64 of limited income and resources or, if under age 18, their parents have limited income and resources. SSI is not social security. SSI is paid from general tax revenues unlike social security benefits which are paid out of the social security trust fund.

    He would NOT be entitled to SSD. SSD is social security disability paid to people who have worked and paid into the social security system long enough to become entitled to a disability benefit. Benefits are paid to children under the age of 18 regardless of whether or not they are disabled IF they have a parent who is getting social security retirement or disability benefits or if a parent is deceased who had worked and paid into the social security long enough to be insured.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
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    8 years ago

    Why would a 3 year old child need ssi??? You are suppose to take care of your child not the government.

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