Someone please tell me, seriously, why would anyone consider voting for Obama?

I'm not trying to be overly partisan here, but as I talk with people about the upcoming election all I hear from Obama supporters is that he cares. When you point out that there are 16 million more people on foodstamps, gas prices have doubled, the National Debt has increased to over 16 trillion dollars, unemployment has increased, the middle east is on fire, the country is on the verge of economic collapse, there is more class warfare, we have the largest entitlement program and the largest tax increase in our country's history rolled into one law, the Attorney General's office is embroiled in scandal that may end up showing they are directly involved at the very highest levels in the murder of a US Border Patrol agent, they look at me and tell me they love Obama because "he cares".

He cares.

When I ask why don't you like Romney, they tell me he is only looking out for the rich or they spout some disproven nonsense about Bain Capital.

Please, for the love of God, someone explain to me, logically, why any rational human being would ever consider voting for this man again.

And please spare me the argument about it being Bush's fault. Any informed person knows that what drove Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to ruin was the laws passed in the 80's under Clinton and Barney Franks' time over the committee that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which forced banks to give loans to people that could not afford them. It was simply a matter of time before all of those loans started to default. I hold Bush accountable for not changing those laws while he was in office.

Never, in the history of this country, has there been a President that has refused to accept responsibility for the state of the country so far into his term. I understand maybe up to the 1st year. But at what point do people start holding this President accountable for the state of the union? At what point is it his economy? At what point is there accountability?


@Hercule Poirot - Thank you for making my point. You cite no specific facts, everything is just someone else's fault.

@bob p - He's made that quite clear, has he? Apparently you haven't taken the time to actually investigate what you are asserting. You are clearly referring to the 47% comment that Romney made a short while ago. If you would actually do a little legwork, instead of accepting whatever pap is spoon fed to you by the likes of MSNBC or the Huffington Post you would know that his remarks have been wildly taken out of context when you listen to the entire speech. Don't you realize that the Democrats are counting on your acceptance of what you are being told? Don't you realize that their supporters are truly the uninformed of this country. They hope they can spoon feed you this stuff and that your emotions will get the better of you. Please for your own sake, do some research. Find out what is really going on. Stop believing everything the press tells you.

Update 2:

@uncle cyril - so anyone that disagrees with you is a bigot? Awesome. There you go folks, Liberal Democrats, the party of tolerance. Very nice.

Update 3:

@Lena - I'm not even sure where to start. Same sex marriage has appeared on the ballot in 31 states. It has been voted down by the people of those states 31 times. It's not just Romney that doesn't think same sex marriage should be legal, it is the majority of the people of the United States.You suggest that "we need someone who cares". Do you actually believe that Mitt Romney is an evil man that seeks to do harm to the elderly and children? Do you believe he wants dirtier air? Dirtier water? Do you believe compassion is giving someone a hand out? Or do you believe that offering people an economy that creates jobs and allows someone to earn their way with dignity to be compassion? I would think, logically, everyone would agree that handouts take away your dignity.You suggest that we are more energy self reliant than ever. Are you kidding me? Gas prices have doubled under Obama's watch. The middle east is literally on fire as we speak. He has all but completely

Update 4:

continued - destroyed the coal industry. Currently the coal industry provides 47% of our nation's energy. With what would you replace that? Wind? Solar? Nope. Neither of those technologies is even close to being able to provide even a fraction of that. I get that you are just 15. I think it's great that you are interested in politics. I wish more people your age would get serious about politics and the future of our country. But you are terribly misinformed Lena. I hope you will be open enough to look into other sources of information than you currently have. I hope you will be open minded enough to read unbiased versions of the other side of the argument. Both you and this country depend on it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Good question and I would like to see the answers to this one. I have realized the level of ignorance and naivety there is in approximately half of Americans and it is appalling. They believe all the lies that don't even make sense and the obvious failure of Obama to turn things around like he said he would with his unproven methods yet they still support the man and his agenda. They don't question the things the Obama administration says and the promises made in one speech while denying or denouncing those same things in another speech. They just don't get it. They take our freedom and the way of life we all enjoy for granted without realizing that Obama agenda will drastically change all that and is in fact changing this country. As Ronald Reagan said; "Government is not the solution to all our problems. Government is the problem." This country has far exceeded any other country in the world and has contributed in technology and many other aspects than any other in the world. That didn't happen under Obama's ideology. Other countries like China are adopting Capitalism and are growing their wealth while out President is moving us toward the failed European socialist model that is bankrupting those countries. Wake up people!

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  • 8 years ago

    Obama has done so much for us that you have neglected to bring into discussion.

    The first law he signed into legislation was to ensure equal pay for women. He has given us Obama care which, as formerly the only western country without National healthcare, finally brings us up to speed.

    I do not want to live in a country run by a man like Romney who would outlaw gay marriage and thinks that a country should be run by a business. A business is only about making money- a clear, unquestionable goal. And yes, that is one thing this country needs right now (in order to get out of our debt), but the goals of a government are far more complicated- for example, creating/saving jobs like Obama did with the auto industry. I'm a person, not a product. You can't lay off states. You seem so against the argument I'm about to make, but it's still worth making: we need a man who cares.

    Romney doesn't. He plans on lowering taxes on the upper class and recently stated that he thinks the bottom 47% of America are lazy bastards and he doesn't, as president, think he needs to be held accountable for them. As president, however, that would be his job.

    And things are on the up-swing, now, which republicans seem to be forgetting too. Before Obama's election, the economy was in free fall. I was worried for my parents jobs, for my education. Obama put a floor on that free fall, and things have been getting better.

    Here's a quick compare and contrast list:

    -Under Obama, we have been more energy independent than ever before in recent history.

    -Romney plans on setting up a voucher system for public schools which would KILL schools in poorer neighborhoods.

    -The Obama administration killed Bin Laden and now Obama is pulling out our troops.

    -Romney stated at the Republican national convention that "Russia" is our greatest threat, which is completely untrue.

    -And muuuuuch more.

    I want a leader who cares, but that isn't the only reason why I'd vote for Obama. He has put us back on track to a better economy. He's given us health care. He is bringing our troops home.

    And Obama has one thing that Romney obviously lacks, the ability to inspire which, in times like these, is priceless.

    Edit: Keep in mind that it takes longer to build back an economy than destroy one. And you're right, I don't fault Bush completely for the economic down turn, but the trillion dollar war he embarked on certainly didn't help.

    Source(s): ... Too bad I'm 15 and can't vote.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "Someone please tell me, seriously, why would anyone consider voting for Obama?"

    Because your first paragraph is nothing more than cherry picking and generalizations and doesn't reflect the progress that has been made in these and other areas the past four years. It also assumes that if McCain had been elected, then these problems wouldn't be occurring. You're also ignoring the fact that the Republican Congress has time and again blocked progress on solving the countries problems simply because they want Obama to fail.

    You're also concentrating on economic issues and ignoring social issues. There are people who simply do not agree with Romney on major social issues.

    And you're ignoring the fact that Romney hasn't presented himself as a leader. He has made gaffe after gaffe, especially recently.

    A voters decision isn't always one of logic, there's a lot of emotion involved.

    Personally, I don't see much in either presidential candidate. Up until the 2008 election, I'd hold my nose and vote for either candidate. In 2008, I voted but not for president. I will vote in November, but, again, I won't vote for president.

    If I had to vote for president, I'd vote for Obama. Mainly because I share his core values, and not because I think he's a good leader or even a good president. I have seen nothing that makes me think that Romney would be a better leader. Nothing.

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  • 8 years ago

    The man has had some successes:

    Directing a government take-over of US health care. A law which runs into almost three thousand pages, but with regulations which are now over 30,000 pages. And rising daily.

    Placing more individuals onto government programs as their major means of support.

    Adding more regulations to businesses to make it more difficult for American business to prosper in a world economy.

    Personally setting race relations back by at least a few generations. Read Obama's comments about Officer Crowley and Professor Gates, and his comments about Zimmerman and Treyvon.

    Gutting the work/education requirements for welfare recipients so they no longer have to be improving their skills or looking for employment in order to receive welfare.

    Limiting both off-shore exploration and domestic drilling. Requiring that we continue to import foreign oil. Additionally, by stopping the proposed Keystone pipeline and exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    Working to expand the power of labor unions. Attempting to prevent Boeing from establishing a manufacturing facility in South Carolina - a right to work state.

    Playing both side of the immigrations issue; allowing a large number of illegals to be deported (the same thing he railed about during George W's time in office), while authorizing that those brought to the US as children (no easy means to verify such) should receive legal residency.

    The first time the federal government took sides with a foreign nation, Mexico, in a lawsuit against a US state, Arizona.

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  • 8 years ago

    Obama and Romney are both very bad people, if I had to pick between the two I would have to vote the lesser of two evils, that would be Obama. The only reason I would vote Obama, is to keep Romney out. Obama has had some success, but not enough to get my vote. I'm voting for Gary Johnson, from Libertarian Party (The Third Party). Look up Libertarian Party, your wasting your time voting Democrat and Republican, things are just gonna get worse with them.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, if things continue, Obama will finish getting us out of the slump.

    Fact: Republicans lost us 8 million jobs.

    Fact: Under Obama, we gained 4 million back in 4 years

    Outlook: Under Obama, in the next 4 years, we will get another 4 million jobs back.


    After today only millionaires and bigots will support Romney.

    Dear Mr Romney. 'Those people,' who you don't care about, in the dreaded 47% who pay no Federal Income Tax, includes Senior Citizens, students, hard working parents and military service members.

    And guess what, Mr. Romney? You put your foot in your mouth again, and this time the senior citizens, students, hard working parents, and military service members are not going to let you lie your way out of it.

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  • 8 years ago

    the babes on the View in 2008

    let me know it was over for McCain

    "Oh, pant pant, Mr Obama, Your are so handsome"

    then Joy Behar goes to the washroom to change her underwear

    how can Mormon rich Romney compete with

    all news media, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, letterman, leno, conan, SNL

    OPRAH, Beyonce, KanYE,Clooney, Stresisand, Spielburg, Tom Hanks



    Fox, and Clint, and Voight

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The majority of votes for oduma will be cast by part of that 47%. Bottom feeders, as long as obama looks like the most likely to keep paying their bills he has their support.

    They don't care about the country or the next generation, just as long as they don't have to do for themselves.

    It doesn't change the fact, each and every vote for obama is cast by a anti-American traitor.

    They don't know shame so they can't be ashamed, but you bet their children are ashamed enough for everyone.

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  • bob p
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    the reason I am voting for Obama is because Romney has made it quite clear that he only cares about the rich. By his own words he does not care for anyone who gets any type of government help. You have been watching the news the past few days.

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  • 8 years ago

    Obama = Romney


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