had sex mulitple times trying to conceive, could it have worked? plz be caring&read.?

my bf & i had sex on all these dates, he did come in me all times!

AUGUST 14th - i had sex.

the 16th - my period came !

my period lasts 7 days, first 2 days was normal [ Flowing )

3rd - 7th day - it was light ! not normal for me.

the 18th - i had sex. [ day 3 of my period ) i noticed it was LIGHT before i had sex, so i dont believe sex had anything to do with it.

the 24th - i had sex. [ 2 days after my period ended )

the 27th - i had sex.

SEPTEMBER 2nd & 3rd - i had sex.

the 10th i had sex.

now that night^^ the 10th i started spotting !

slept with a pad on & it was clean when i woke up. i continued to spot.

the next day or two was like a full blown period, then after that it was light until it ended.

i tested 2.5 wks ago, it was negative. also the 10th before sex, i tested, it was negative.

was it to early to test ? when should i test again ? if i DID conceieve i wouldnt know on which day!

ive been sleeping alot ! i wake up at 12 noon now -_- i can sleep for hrs & hrs

& I JUST FEEL BLOATED, sometimes feel like i have to THROW up, & i feel very sluggish !

& i feel period like cramps.

would i be having symptoms now if i WERE pregnant? thank you.

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  • 7 years ago
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    What is her problem in life ?? by the way idiot molly..r u an impotent or did something happ to u or ur baby that u r taking out ur frustration on everyone?

    If u cannot be nice..then do not answer at all!!

    U r so undeserving and a crazy loser!

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