aneurysm: Are These Good Signs?

My best friend in the whole world who has done a lot for me was taken to the hospital. I have spent over 12 hours with him. Turned out he has aneurysm in the brain. I showed up and he now suddenly have movement in both the legs and arms. I then called the hospital and they let me talk to him. He got off the phone and I heard him say, "That was not my social worker Robert, it was my silly roommate Robert who loves to talk." That is like him.

Are these good signs? Will he make it and live a normal life? I am so scared. Please GOD I need him in my life........please

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes it is. After treatment for a brain aneurysm, we like to see a person act like themselves.

    He may not be out of the woods, but this IS positive.

    Source(s): PA
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