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what are the customary jewish weddings in israel?

There are different levels of judiasm. In Israel are jewish weddings handled how USA customs are depending on which level of judaism you are?

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  • 8 years ago
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    In Israel, if both partners are legal Jews, then you need a rabbi that has a legal standing and is authorized to conduct marriage.

    Prior to the marriage you need:

    License from the rabbinate, given after examination of the bloodlines and a personal interview.

    Miqve dipping for the woman.

    That applies to all Jews regardless of "Judaism level".

    How they choose to conduct their wedding is entirely up to the couple.

    In almost every case there will be a chuppa and breaking a glass and the other stuff will be non religious.

    The ultra orthodox follow a lot of additional customs like shabbat hatan or shabbat kala.

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  • Lea
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    8 years ago

    In Israel, if you want a legal Jewish wedding, it must be Orthodox. It is required by law there.

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