Triple Bypass Surgery after Heart Attack?

My dad suffered a heart attack on Sunday night (without even realizing it) after having come chest pains and sweating he was blaming on indigestion. After undergoing some tests and today's angioplasty, they determined that he needs an emergency triple bypass surgery tomorrow morning at 8am.

As expected, the family is absolutely terrified, as is he. They told him he was lucky he came in when he did, and didn't continue to ignore and try to self diagnose his symptoms. His arteries are severely blocked and not having discovered this would have likely caused him his life.

I am hoping if anyone has had any experience with this themselves or with family members, that they could give me some hope. My concerns are mainly with the risks they have mentioned with this. For one, he is overweight. He has also been on blood thinners since he got there to avoid clotting because of the severe blockage. This puts him at risk for bleeding during surgery. And, because he already had a heart attack and had damage to the heart, that is an additional risk when doing this surgery. Instead of a 97% success rate, he falls in more of a 90% rate. 9/10 surgeries in his case are successful.

So these are pretty good odds and I should stay positive and know he will be OK, but of course I am a total basket case and can't help but worry.

If anyone has any personal stories they could share, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    You make it sound like he's the only person on the face of the earth who has been extremely stupid with regard to his health and well being.. Please ... Maybe his being terrified and the family standing over on the side MIght Grasp a little education out of this situation..getting the crap scared out of you Maybe will make you all become interested in Changing your Crappy habits with food and cooking and seriously Change things so that YOUR Not overweight and actually begin to eat healthy reduce your Sodium to an intelligent level and Fix your Cholesterol before your whole family unit ends up having the same issues as he.. You talk about success rates of 90% and how worried you all are Imagine being told His situation forcast a survival rate of 8% like MY In My situation... Bipasses and quintuple Bipasses are done nearly in these Doctors sleep.... Concentrate on supporting him and educating him when he gets out lower his salt and Cholesterol and fat intake , dietarily eatying to loose fat... etc He'll survive but needs to get help to do so ...AFter he gets home and better ..

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    It should be ok if you get it soon and fast, while you have some time left. You might want to have an ambulance with the motor running waiting outside though. Do it soon because it's hard to find a tattoo artist that will work on a dead person, (they tend to stink up the place and that drives live customers away, you know). Get it somewhere it will show when you are in the casket or it will be a waste.

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    I work in advanced cardiac care with heart transplant patients, congestive heart failure and LVADS ( left ventricular assist devices). A heart attack can really scare you, and does heighten ones attention.. sounds like his team is right on top of things!!! Moving fast to preserve the damaged areas of your dads heart.. bypass re establishes blood flow so the heart can thrive .. Blood thinners such as coumadin , warfarin , or plavix help thin the blood to avoid blood clots .. Get "very educated" on coumadin and warfarin therapies.. Ask questions about dietary restrictions that can conflict with that medication.. Such as green leafy foods and grapefruit .. A note of knowledge.. prescribed warfarin or coumarin .. Do not alternate between generic and name brand.. Coumadin is name brand and warfarin is generic.. The dosage is different.. Stick with one or the other at all times .. Ask the name of the person who will be following his pt/inr , how often he should be checked and where! pt/inr blood tests shows how thick or thin his blood is.. very important ! You can also go to the American heart association online fir all sorts of information ... number one thing I'd advise.. Is hand your dads heart and life up to God... I've seen God do things with people's hearts that would astonish you as He has astonished our team.. We believe God is in control and ask and rely on Him to Guide and help us daily... When man runs out of options... God doesnt..He is the ultimate physician and Healer.. We are simply instruments by wich He works through .. In closing, I'd like to extend a prayer to you..... " Lord, Father.we thank you for the trials that pull us closet to you .. we know that in them you are testing and refining our own hearts.. To draw near to you , to ask for your help, to have confidence in who you are more than anyone else.. I pray you extend your healing hand over this family and though we do not know or understand thereasins why this is happening, we know you do.. We ask this in advance of what you are about to do, and thank you in advance for doing it.. In your son "Jesus Christs name we ask" amen...

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    What hospital? There's a big difference between some backwoods hospital and the Cleveland Clinic or NYU Langone.

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