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Guys: Would you like it if your girlfriend did this?

So, my Boyfriend's 19th birthday is in less than a month. We've been dating for about two months, and I'm trying to come up with ideas, and here's one: I love writing, he knows that and encourages it, but... If you were a guy, would you like it if your girlfriend wrote you a poem and then treated you to a night of sex? (One thing he definitely enjoys.) So, guys, what do you think? How would you like it of your girlfriend did this for your birthday?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Im a strong believer of the thought is what counts. Ive given some advice on here recently about gifts. I have a friend of mine who believed that every holiday he should spend money on nice gifts and restaurants, but the problem is that every time he wanted to treat his girl he would take her to a nice restaurant so I suggested the occasion wouldnt feel as special because if you go to red lobster and cheesecake Factory every weekend, it wont feel as special on your birthday. Now his problem was that he wasnt creative what so ever, so not putting the effort into doing something special for her on random weekends made it hard for him because when occasions came around he couldnt do the same, and thats when he finally realized for himself what I was trying to warn him about all along. Lets put it this way, I always say tell gift givers: "if you spend $2,000 on a gift the price might sound good for a gift to her, but you could spent $2 on a card and put the best words in there and it would touch her heart forever" ♥ ♥ ♥

    With that said, I think you have a wonderful idea, as long as you dont bullsh*t the poem (sorry just being honest). As a matter fact, if its possible you could spice it up a little. Get some candles and put it around his room with rose peddles, run him a hot bath, and finish the night out with a massage that leads into sex. Basically, hes expecting you to give him a relaxing night, then boom he ends up getting the sex of a lifetime because as a premed student, Ive learned that massage before sex makes the orgasms 10 times better.. try it sometimes ;) And for all the guys being pervert, please grow up, we are all adults here!

    In case your looking for something more, I would say think of something that he likes or needs, which he could keep it as a memory, which the poem could be a very cute gesture. As a matter fact, I just thought about thing. Theres a store called "Things Remembered" when you could get gift personalized and VERY CHEAP prices and good quality. So maybe a picture frame, snow globe, or even one of those glass heart marble with your poem and saying you love him would be very nice. Sorry, to throw these crazy ideas, Im jsut throwing things our there that could give you some ideas. But I did the sex thing with my ex, and she said it was the best valentines day ever. I ran her a bath and when she came out red balloons, ribbons, roses, and teddy bears were everywhere and her fav breakfast was mad. She didnt expect anything, since I didnt have much since I was in school, total cost was about $25-$30. Seeing the tears of joy in her eyes and made me feel like I had spent all the money the world would give, and it was all worth it. Just wanted to show you how, thoughts could be a million times more expensive than anything, so I think your doing perfectly fine ;)

    If you need more advice please dont hesitate to let me know, also Im interested to find out what your final decision was, let me know ;) Good Luck! and god bless your heart for being so thoughtful ;)

    Below is the Things Remembered Website, usually found in shopping malls, but I dont suggest ordering online if you have one nearby because the stores usually have more and could be done right on the spot or in a few days Good Luck ;)

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  • 9 years ago

    Ok I am not a guy but after you give him sex he's not even going to remember your got to remember most guys are really simple. tell him the poem when sex isn't the case after so, it's a heart to heart moment he well never forget (make the poem str8 to the heart). As far as sex goes yall only been together for 2 months so give him sum but not too much to keep him coming for more.

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