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If Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan both worked The Last Airbender movies, how great would that be?

Let's be honest. That one by M. Night Shymalan sucked plus The plot was only the first book (Water). If Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan continued working on the rest of the books, how awesome would it be?

Ridley Scott is amazing when it comes to the visual aspect of a movie and Nolan is an intelligent director.

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    Christopher Nolan does not usually make movies that involve outlandish characters with fantastical powers that are not realistic. Remember, he always emphasizes realism and what is practical in our world. I don't think he'd do all that bad with Last Airbender, but it probably wouldn't be his forte.

    Ridley Scott on the other hand made Prometheus, which was science fiction and was not based on the real world, at least as of now. So, I'd say that he could handle the production on his own, without Nolan.

    Final Answer: I don't think it would be too awesome if Nolan helped make it, because that just isn't his genre. Don't get me wrong, I think Nolan is a great director, but for a different genre. Scott could probably take the production on his own.

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    I think a live action movie based off of The Last Airbender will suck no mater what. But, I wouldn't want the film to get two directors that don't have a history together (Like the Coen Brothers or The Wachowskis) , especially for a film that's based off a pre-existing series. It'd only add behind the scenes conflict that would show in the quality. Ridley Scott has made some really great movies and some real stinkers. Chris Nolan hasn't made any movie on a Blade Runner level, but he is more consistently good and is a master of adaptations. Nolan would be my pick.

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    It would work best if Nolan helped script it and Scott directed it. I'd agree that Nolan would fare badly directing a fantasy story, though Scott would be in his element. Plus, Ridley Scott does GIANT battle scenes better than any other film maker working today. He'd also make the world of the benders look amazing and immerse you in it as though it were a real place (his 2nd best speciality).

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