Madonna University or Eastern MI University?

Hello. I'm trying to decide where i should do my nursing program. I applied to both universities and got accepted to both. Madonna requires you take a year of pre-req and pass a writting evualtion before applying for their nursing program. For Eastern, i transferred there from a community college and i have met all their pre-req but when i applied for their program i did not get accepted and i believe its because they prefer candidates who have established an EMU GPA plus they prefer experience working in the healthcare field and i did not have any of those. Also, my TEAS score was proficient and not high enough for them. I'm really confused because there is nothing to take at Eastern and if i don't take some classes over there my chances of getting into the program is slim. So my only choice is to minor in something and i was thinking if i were to minor in something it would be gerontology. Madonna is also a school i fell in love with due to its small campus and teacher to student ratio and also the rate of graduates in the health care area is highest there than at Eastern. Another thing is that Madonna is closer to my house than Eastern. THe only thing bad about Madonna is the tuition rate. Since it's a private catholic school its more expensive. I need help in deciding what's the best choice for me and or if i should apply somewhere else. I applied to davenport, Wayne state and now i plan on applying to Oakland community college since they don't have a waiting list for their nursing program. My GPA right now is a 3.7 but it's just so frustrating having been rejected and sometimes i just feel like giving up. Sometimes i just feel like i'm not smart enough and i won't get accepted into the program.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Neither of them - your best choices are among the others that you are considering.

    Oakland CC or Oakland University [probably the no. 3 ranked university in Michigan] -

    You are wise to be concerned about a debt burden.

    Good luck - you have already demonstrated that you are capable of a high level of college work.

  • 8 years ago

    These universities have radically different ACTA ratings for "comprehensive general education".

    Madonna University gets a very good "B" rating.

    Eastern Michigan gets a disastrous "F" rating.

    Being programatically accredited in a Health profession, there is probably not much difference in Nursing programs.

    You will get a better overall education at Madonna U. Check to see what kind of tuition assistance is available.

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