Will ALfheim Online be in the Sword Art Online Anime series? (series 2)?

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ive been watching the anime and heaerd there was a lot more to the series. most animes these days only go up to 12 episodes and next week is the 12th so i was wonder ing if they will ...show more
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After reading some of the novel chapters. I noticed that there are a total of 25 chapters in Volume 1 (SAO). With 5 or so side-stories that the Anime already used like the murder-case epsiodes. Chapter 1-3 was basically Episode 1. And since there are 25 episodes total. They will definitely fit everything in Volume 1 in, despite them already leaving a few minor parts out that make you question things. So if anything, since so far there have been no filler-like moments. It's definitely going to go with a cliffhanger like Volume 1 did to lead to ALfheim Online.


I wouldn't click around anywhere else beyond that link, unless you're okay with spoilers.

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  • Unlucky Crossing answered 2 years ago
    Sword Art Online is planned to have 25 episodes for its first (and perhaps only) season, so it's very possible anything can happen. There are plenty more episodes to come.
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