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why do the british speak american?

so i went to england recently, and i saw that they copy everything off us americans! it makes me sick! they copied our language, loads of place names, and they say that loads of americans are english! for example i was chatting to this dude and he talked about david beckham and said he is english! he plays soccer for la galaxy for gods sake, hes obviously american. and yeah they have like "jersey" "york" and "birmingham" these are all blatant copies from america! what has the world come to??

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    Yeah, I've seen variations of this exact same troll post several times before...nice try

    Source(s): Finn - No need to get that worked up over an obvious troll post. "You Americans really ARE stupid... aren't you??" You're the one that fell for an obvious troll post, so who's the stupid one now?
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    7 years ago

    *Holding in a major rage for your ignorance*

    Im sure you are a child but i knew this when i was bloody 2 years old.

    Before America was founded english was and still is the language spoke in England that very same language some ignorant people call "American" Your mother language and the language im typing right now in is ENGLISH.

    David Beckham is English born football player. Played with Manchester United for many years and what Americans call soccer the rest of the world calls football.

    As for places in Britain. Britian being England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland put together.

    York is a city that existed 100'ts of years before NEW York did. Thats why yours has the word NEW in it. Same goes with the island of Jersey. Yours has the name NEW Jersey.

    It is America that does the copying. For example you have stolen, London, Birmingham, Paris, Oxford, York, Athens, Dover, Hamburg, Exeter, Plymouth, Stuttgart, Antioch, Dublin, Brighton, Bristol, Lyons, Danbury, Derby, Guildford, Milford, Norwich, Smyrna, Venice, Saint Petersburg.

    That list alone goes for few more days.

    The english language, your government system, cars, computer, airplanes, guns, ships,

    the space programe are just some of the very few things Americans try to steal from the people who has and made these things. Some you co made and or made few new types off yes but the original idea of these things i mentioned allone Americans did not make.

    You are either a very stupid child or a troll.

    Source(s): Good at geography and history and payed attention in school for 14 years.
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    No we don't - a brief look at history will tell you that YOU are taking our language from us.

    David Beckham is a Brit although he plays for one of your teams.

    Jersey is an island in the UK

    York and Birmingham are hundreds of years older than your equivulent places.

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    I've seen this troll so many times.

    And it's just blatant stupidity that an American would go on Yahoo and ask why England copied them (despite the fact that their existence was know of before America's was).

    I'm really concerned for our generation.

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    Let's see... people were speaking English in Britain when your American people were still speaking Sioux and Apache. There is no such language as American, it's just a fuc­k­ed -up version of English. As for David Beckham... he was born in England, lived there most of his life and played for Manchester United. if he's gone to play for Tokyo, would that have meant he was Japanese?

    You Americans really ARE stupid... aren't you??

    Watch this all the way through... if you can concentrate for 5 minutes, that is:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Yeah most english movies copy american cinema. The gangs in England also act like american gangsters listening to them is sickening "hey blood hey blood".they are thick headed people. Then again they never really had there own culture.

    Source(s): N.Irish/U.K citizen
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    7 years ago

    Do they i hadn't noticed. you say yer a yank but you ask from yahoo Uk and Ireland. So why ask here?

    is it perhaps your to scared to ask the brit standing next to you?

    People dont feed the troll. @ asker get back under your bridge now, like a good little troll should.

    @ cedorsmulas There is no such language as Sioux ... The Sioux are a Native American "People" the language most Sioux speak is called "Lakota." ... No offence is meant by this comment its just to set the record straight.One of my best personal friends is Lakota Sioux The other language the Sioux speak is called Dakota see link

    Source(s): Note... im not British im also not American
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    Actually Ryan, that's a Jamaican thing that the English gangs are copying. Your mistake is understandable, as You Irish weren't exposed to black people until about 1998.

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    5 years ago

    English originated in ENGLAND see the similarities £5 if you do

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    First of all, America was kinda discovered by the British and owned until you decided to revolt, as for the place names, they also were first English. Think about what country came first. America wouldn't be here without Britain.

  • no you speak english, which you got because we founded you, we named loads of your places after ours, has it ever occurred to you why your place is called new york, not just york, because our york is older than your country, and david beckham used to play for Manchester united, and was cptain of our national team, if he was too play for a japanese team would that make him american.

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