Is it illegal to be driving through an area (city, county etc) that has a pit bull ban?

If you're a long distance trucker and want to take your pit on the road w/you, is it illegal to go through areas (city, county, etc) w/the animal if you don't stop or let your dog out of your vehicle? Are the restrictions and bans in some areas just for residents?

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  • KevinM
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    7 years ago
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    You would have a good legal case that the ban does not apply to you if you're only driving through the town, as long as you don't let the dog out of your truck. It's not reasonable, as a long distance truck driver, for you to be familiar with all the ordinances of every town you pass through as you travel cross country.

    The precedent for this is in the Airline industry. Persons on board airplanes are specifically and explicitly exempt from the rules and regulations of the townships they pass over. How could anyone know if they're violating an ordinance in a town 30,000 feet below them that they've never been to?

    That being said, if you get pulled over be nice to the police officer and he probably won't cite you. If you get a ticket, you'll probably have to pay it - arguing the case with a lawyer would cost more than the ticket.

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  • Gary B
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    7 years ago

    it depends on the nature of the ban,

    if the area bans OWNERSHIP of such animals, then the ban extends only to residents, and so long as YOUR animals is never seen, or kept on a leash in properly designated "dog walk" areas, you should have no trouble.

    But if the ban concerns DISPLAYING such an animal (like, taking it for a walk) then you MIGHT be in trouble if you stop to let the dog relieve itself.

    In any case, you should not be concerned unless you STOP your vehicle and let the dog out of the vehicle, leashed or not. Keep moving, and there is no problem.

    But be careful! Watch your speed and the condition of your equipment! If you were to get stopped for a bad tailight, and the dog managed to bite the cop . . . .

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  • kirker
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    3 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Why in world would someone want to drag along a dog on a long haul, let alone a pit pull?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    just put him to sleep, problem solved

    you're welcome

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