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how do people live in cold cities? london is so cold!?

I am from Malaysia and i just reached london to study. It is so freaking cold here! It is tormentingly cold in London, and its only autumn, once winter comes, its gonna be a lot colder. now i miss the sunny sun shine all year long in malaysia. sometimes the wind blows and it chilled me into the bones. i tried wearing 4 layers of clothings, it helps but my hands and face are not covered and i still feel cold. at one point i cant feel my toes (numb). Anyone could telll/help me how to get over the weather and temperature here? (apart from using heaters, which i cant be bringing one everywhere i go)


frankie!!! I am living near docklands and it is CRAZILY INSANELY cold.... this is madness! i hate going outdoor now.

Update 2:

I bought some soft drinks and i left it on the table instead of in the fridge, guess what? the next day i drank it and its STILL COLD. this is how bad the cold it is here.

In Malaysia, any cold drinks that are left outside the fridge overnight would turn warm. Everyone keeps their soft drinks in the fridge..

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    Oh Chan, I feel for you. Where I come from in Mexico we used to be at 40 degrees sometimes even during winter time. I came to England one year ago and I am finally getting used to the cold. It can be VERY uncomfortable, especially the wind factor. The worst thing is when you see people with sleeveless tops at 10 degrees while you are freezing lol.

    Anyway, don't be embarrassed to cover up and remember, chose fabrics that help you. Denim gets very cold in cold weather and polyester jackets don't help much. Try to get a wool coat, they are the best to keep you warm. Get thermal undies too and very thick (o thermal too) socks.

    Remember to relax your body. When you are freezing you will notice your body is all stiff and tense. Take a deep breathe and relax. You will realize the coldness in your body will reduce.

    Oh and wear hats, when you cover your head your body keeps warm!

    Keep positive and remember, this weather is nothing compared to winter lol. Hang in there :)

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    I'm afraid it will get much colder. However, it's unlikely to stay below freezing during daylight hours in London, even in mid winter.

    I used to work out doors every day. I'm not that fond of the cold, either. Dressing for comfort was essential. Wear thermal underwear and a hat. Fingerless gloves are useful.

    You'll get used to it. There are many colder places in the world!

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    So Cold Live

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    How do people live in hot countries, it would drive me insane. I'd have to stay indoors all day with the aircon on. Even taking off all my clothes would not help. I would not be able to go outside as i would burn. If I leave a drink out on a table it gets all warm and yuck. How I'd miss having proper seasons and being able to wear different types of clothing for different times of the year.

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    people who have lived in cooler places all their lives get used to the temperature. You feeling cold is understandable as you're from a warmer country, but there's not much you can do besides wearing layers. The weather can suck in London, haha, we all wish we could change it sometimes.

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    If you are used to the warm weather, not much you can do about it but drink hot drinks and hot soup to maintain your body warm. It takes time to adjust to the weather. Try working out, that would help to beat the cold weather. :)

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    London is by far the warmest part of the UK.

    Try visiting Glasgow in a couple of months time when its -15 or -20 degrees.

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    London's not cold - try Helsinki or Stockholm for a year!!

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    Try putting a shilling in the meter.

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    Im from London - and im skinny. Are you kidding? its not that cold! I think you have poor circulation or raynauds.

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