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How to keep my hair straight throughout the day?

Okay so when I straighten my hair about an hour later or so the ends twirl out (does that make sense? lol) so then I end up tying my hair during 1st period and just damage my hair for no reason. Also I take the bus now and when I get off mu hairs all puffy and gets unstriaght...what can I do to keep my hair straight throughout the day at school, cause I have a party to go to in staurday and don't want to tie my hair up! Oh and also the only hair product I use is garnier frutctis smoothing milk which just makes it less frizzy.Thanks! :)

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    Honestly hun, you are not alone. I have thick curly hair that takes over an hour to straighten and then never stays that way.

    Sometimes I like to spray abit of hairspray on my hair to sort them annoying flicks out or to just stop it from turning into a frizzy Afro!

    You could try chemically straightening your hair! Charles Worthington does one, its only £20 and lasts 40 days! I have bought it but just haven't ha a chance to put it on yet but I haven't heard anything but good reviews. People with big thick curly hair like me are washing their hair once with this stuff then coming out with sleek straight hair! Honestly, what could you complain about?

    John Frieda also does his 3 day straight spray which you spray on your hair when straightening your hair and it kinda blocks out frizz. Ive tried this and it works wonders and is only for a amazing price of £6.99!

    I would avoid wet weather aswll, wet weather just turns me into a poodle, so plan ahead, if its forecast for a monsoon haha then I wouldn't straighten your hair!

    Here's some links for the products I told you about!

    Charles Worthington 40 day straight-

    John Frieda 3 day straight-

    Source(s): Personal experience :)
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    i do exactually the equal as you assert, and unfortunatly reason i've usual curly hair it does this, just lately i have spotted masking my hair in hairspray has helped it keep straighter for longer, you might take a look at that. however aside from that and a few professional merchandise or straightening perm from the hair dressers you can not do a lot you've THE great hair straightners, i've them too and so they support do not they :P bestanswer?

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