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What is the problem in Syria? What is Bashar al-Assad doing wrong?

I keep hearing about how there's civil war in Syria, but I don't fully understand what the problem.

How and why did the war start?

Has it calmed down now (since I don't hear as much about it in the media as I used to) or is it just the media that lost interest?

Is Bashar al-Assad a dictator?

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    8 years ago
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    A protest movement recently began in Syria calling for more democracy, freedom, and reforms. It was originally peaceful, but outside forces and extremist factions hijacked this movement for their own purposes, and began using violence. The Syrian army then had to respond with even more violence, and an armed conflict erupted.

    The majority of those currently fighting against the Syrian government are terrorists and foreign mercenaries. America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and several other countries have been funding these terrorists and using them to try to overthrow the Syrian government. They are smuggling large amounts of weapons to these groups across the Syrian border, and they are also sending in hired insurgents from other countries to kill random people and cause chaos.

    Every day, these terrorist groups are blowing up government buildings, sabotaging infrastructure, setting off car bombs in residential areas, and murdering people on a mass scale. They are destroying and terrorizing neighborhoods, committing massacres, forcing people to flee their homes and targeting anyone whom they suspect of supporting the government.

    The collection of terrorist groups known as the "Free Syrian Army" is kidnapping and torturing people every day. Since the start of the crisis they have killed over 10,000 civilians, soldiers and policemen. Many of them are salafi extremists who want to establish an Islamic state in Syria, or radical Sunni terrorists motivated by sectarian hatred. Many of them are jihadists linked to al-Qaeda, and many are insurgents who have come from places like Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere, by illegally crossing the Syrian border.

    The US wants to overthrow the Syrian government not for humanitarian reasons as the media claims, but for geopolitical reasons, in particular because of Syria's firm stance against Israel, its opposition to US regional interests, its support for resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon, and its alliance with major US enemies like Russia, China and Iran. By destroying Syria the US would be able to break apart the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis and get closer to establishing total hegemony in the middle east.

    Not only has the US planned an overthrow of the Syrian government for decades, but it has also provided training to so-called Syrian “activists”, and has armed and funded sectarian terrorist groups in Syria before the start of the current “uprising”. (

    The majority of "news reports" about Syria that you see on CNN/BBC/Al-Jazeera are stories and rumors that are taken without any verification directly from Syrian opposition sources and from anonymous "activists" who have a vested interest in painting the Syrian situation in a certain way. Most of the time these stories later turn out to be misleading or completely false, and many times the sources of these stories are not even in Syria.

    For example; the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", which is possibly the most quoted source in the media about the Syrian conflict, is actually run from an apartment in England by one man who owns a clothes shop and apparently gets all his information from "anonymous phonecalls". Meanwhile, sources actually on the ground in Syria who tell a completely different story are ignored.

    The western mainstream media is owned by the military-industrial complex and is an inseparable part of the establishment. It is controlled by the very same interests that are trying to overthrow Syria, and its job is to help facilitate that overthrow by manipulating public opinion. That is why the media demonizes the Syrian government and exaggerates its wrongdoings while ignoring the atrocities committed by the rebels. /y45bKZ /N28Siv /KGzQrX /LpUX7S /wxgd44 /Lq54JQ

    What you will never hear on the news is that the Syrian government has already met most of the demands of the legitimate opposition in Syria (those who are making their demands peacefully, and who are actually inside Syria, unlike the Istanbul-based SNC that is calling for foreign invasion).

    The Syrian government has already implemented new party laws, new media laws, new election laws, a new constitution has been implemented via referendum, the emergency law has been lifted, general amnesty has been granted multiple times, there have been new local & parliamentary elections, etc.

    Source(s): However, the US has been doing everything in its power to sabotage a peaceful, internal, political solution to the crisis in Syria; since that is the last thing they want. Their goal is to increase the violence in Syria and escalate the bloodshed to such a level that an immediate US military "intervention" would be justified in the eyes of the world. This is why prior to every major UN meeting on Syria there have been conveniently-timed massacres blamed on the Syrian military. /LMXcM9 /JIS5ha /LcXV8F /P22XLL /LSxOr5 (<--"Houla's children support the Syrian Army") Most people in Syria support the government (something you will never see on CNN) See also:
    • Ruth6 years agoReport

      Man, that is terrible. I am so ashamed if America is really doing these things, but not surprised.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I dont know why America subsidizes jihadis and insurgents and fights against the same people in other countries, but some people in the region have done a good job of convincing America to send millions of dollars to overthrow al Assad. The U.S. and Britain have already recognized the Syrian National Council as the new government. I think this is to weaken Iran's resistance to what the U.S. wants from them and Americans believe Iran is dangerous. I thought it was part of the so-called Arab spring which has not gone very well either. Now America is training Arab troops in Jordan and will send Americans there also. it looks like they might invade Syria. In America the press does not talk about support for Assad. Maybe you should mention that in your post. They do tell people that al Assad is using chemical weapons against the insurgents and that the government forces have struck at Israel.

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  • sparks
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    8 years ago

    Yes Bashar is a dictator and the country is in the mitts of a civil war. Some of the people claim it's because they want a democracy, while others claim it's terrorists that want to take over the government. I think it's the latter.

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  • 6 years ago

    Unbeknownst to us, Government News Releases are often loaded with fiction, sprinkled with just enough nonfiction to make it believable. The truthful part about what is going on in Syria is the terrible record of Assad and how serious the fighting is, but the fiction part, that it is an internal civil war. There are some legitimate rebels in Syria, but there were not the tens of thousands who are fighting Assad’s government in Iraq.

    We continuously see and hear the effects of the fighting, all of which plays on our emotions and most is spot-on. These events freeze our minds long enough for experts to present easy to agree on opinions of what is happening. Rarely do we hear the whole story of cause and effect presented in one form. With this type of information, it is hard to fathom the tragic reality of how everything happening in the Middle East and even with the Ukraine and Russia is connected. If we ask the right question(s), we may find the factual answer(s). Why and how did dissimilar extremists from around the world come together in one place, Syria?

    I have been following foreign news closely for a number of years, which sometimes releases information that lets us know the cause before government policies are in place. In 2008, I read a Turkey news reported saying Arab States including the Saudis wanted a pipeline from Qatar through Syria and Turkey to EU. Assad in 2009 refused to go along with the plan, instead making deals with Russia and Iran. Assad pursued negotiations for an alternative pipeline plan with Iran, across Iraq to Syria that would potentially allow Iran to supply gas to Europe. The short of it is; it is the pipeline and its control that caused the war in Syria not revolution.

    Out of greed, Qatar, Turkey, and a number of other Arab states and the EU with US and UK assistance want to control the supply of gas to Europe. Günter Meyer is Director of the Center for Research into the Arabic World at the University of Mainz. In an interview said that the Gulf States' motivation in financing groups like ISIS was to support their fight against the regime of President Bashar al Assad in Syria. Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting the ISIS jihadist. Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki said "we hold Saudi Arabia responsible" for the financial and moral support given to ISIS.”

    If Assad can be deposed, Turkey and Qatar would like the Nabucco pipeline to run through Syria. Turkey is a major player in the Nabucco natural gas pipeline, with plans to transit natural gas to Europe from the Central Asia and Caspian regions. The pipeline is set to traverse Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and end in Austria. Turkey is supporting the rebels and terrorists fighting Assad’s regime.

    Most of the so called rebels in Syria are not freedom fighters or insurgents from Syria, but hired MTs (Mercenary Terrorists). These MTs were recruited and hired, receiving signing bonus of $50,000 each, from over 80 countries to overthrow the Bashar Al-Assad’s government. All to get this pipeline built.

    Qatar and other terrorists supporting States have spent trillions with western support and will spend more if you listen closely to Congress and our President. The USA is actually training terrorists in countries we should be fighting as Terrorist’s States. We are not at war with terrorisms, but using terrorists for our own convenience. However, the MTs in Syria found themselves left with three choices, because of losing in Syria. 1. Continue to fight. 2. Go home, maybe to start another war or… 3. Join in the ISIS success in nearby Iraq. The bottom line is the US sustained the building of this coalition of Islamic States to use terrorists to fight in Syria. What happens next?

    On July 16, 2014, the United States has signed an agreement with Qatar to sell Apache attack helicopters and Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems valued at $11bn. Qatar is a key US ally working with terrorists and was instrumental in completing the deal on May 31 for the release of army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for 5 Taliban. This is not over as we face geopolitical and global moves and counter moves not just in the Middle East, but with Russia and China who’s next logical move would be against the US Petrodollar.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yeah I think it is correct

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